Tue 08 Sep 2015

Tastings & Events: New Videos


The Wine Society’s Tastings & Events programme offers a wide range of events throughout the year across the United Kingdom and also in Montreuil.

Our aim is to bring The Wine Society to our membership and provide a series of both formal and informal tastings where those attending can sample an array of wines in an atmosphere that suits them.

Whether this is a relaxed walk-around tasting at a large venue, an intimate tutored tasting with some of the biggest names in the wine trade or an informative dinner here in Stevenage there will always be something for you to enjoy no matter what your level of wine knowledge.

Check out these videos that give you an insight into both our team and our events. You can find out what’s coming up here – we look forward to welcoming you!

Matthew Horsley
Tastings & Events Team

Categories : Wine Tastings

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