Thu 07 Jan 2016

Where’s My List?


Members may be wondering why they haven’t received their January List in this month’s mailing pack.

Fear not! The simple answer is that we have made some tweaks to the timing of our quarterly Lists this year. The changes are as follows:

• New Year List: will be sent mid February (last year: mid January)
Spring List: will be sent early May (last year: late March)
Summer List: will be sent late July (last year: mid July)
Christmas List: will be sent early October (last year: late September)

The Wine Society Christmas ListWhy the change?
The decision to move the List mailing dates was taken largely for practical reasons. The New Year List in recent years went to print in December, and consequently before we had a clear picture of the level of Christmas trading. As a result we found it very challenging to ensure that all wines in the new List were shipped and available for sale by mid-January. Mailing the first List of the year in February gives us a little extra breathing space.

Our Spring List sees the most significant change in mailing dates, from late March last year to early May this year. The rationale for this is twofold; firstly it allows us more time to ship the new vintage whites and rosés from Europe, as we have in the past found it difficult (particularly if the European harvest the previous autumn was late) to ensure that members have access to the very freshest young dry whites and rosés. The other reason is that we will no longer need to second-guess the Chancellor’s decision on duty rates, as the Spring List will now go to print after the Budget.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish members a happy New Year, and thank them for their continued support.

Tim Sykes
Head of Buying

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  1. Oliver Coleman-Green says:

    Have The Society considered giving members the ability to opt out of receiving the list? I, and I am sure many others, use the website almost exclusively for buying wines and as such have no need for the list. I am sure this could save The Society a considerable sum of money!

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