Thu 05 May 2016

NEW: ‘Travels In Wine’ – Follow Our Buyers On The Road


Travels in Wine is a brand new section of our website. Here you’ll find the inside track from the latest trips throughout the wine world. Society buyer Marcel Orford-Williams tells us more.

Behind every wine label, even the most modest, there hangs a story – of where and how it was made and by whom. Most of the wines will have been bought as a result of a buyer visiting the cellars, tasting from barrel and vat, and tramping through the vineyards.

Indeed, as buyers we are actively encouraged to leave the sanctity of the Stevenage tasting room and to boldly go and seek out new wines wherever they are made.

Stories of our travels abound and so we thought we should share some of them with members.

Travels In Wine

The new Travels In Wine section of our site aims to give Society members the inside track

Over the course of a year, between us, we travel to most of the main wine-producing areas of the world, sometimes on our own, sometimes accompanied by colleagues.

We taste thousands of wines, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, finding out what’s new and exciting and forging relationships with the growers that we think are already making, or have the potential to make, great wines.

The stories and insights garnered along the way will help to bring even more context to the wines we bring back for your enjoyment and we hope that members will enjoy coming along for the ride.

Marcel Orford-Williams
Society Buyer

Visit Travels In Wine here, and please feel free to let us know what you think. We’ll be adding new ‘Travels’ regularly, so watch this space for visits to Champagne, Piedmont, Bordeaux, Beaujolais and many more.

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