Thu 19 May 2016

Wine Champions 2016: the Risk and the Reward of Blind Tasting


Naturally, when you taste a range of wines completely blind, as we do for our forthcoming Wine Champions offer, you open yourself up to an element of risk.

The various offers put together at The Society are carefully planned so as to ensure a balanced selection of wines that cater to the various colours, flavours and prices the theme demands.

Wine Champions, however, is a very different beast.

Rather than trying to drive this offer and steer it in a direction that we decide it should go, we simply put a saddle on it and ride it to wherever it takes us.

Wine Champions 2016 - the wines

Tasting through a vast number of wines blind, picking out only the ones which are judged to be perfect for drinking now, regardless of whether they are red, white, rosé, fortified, sparkling etc. means that we put ourselves at risk of sending out an offer without the usual planned balance between styles, prices and so on.

This year, we have an offer which has fewer wines in it than the last and is slightly heavier on red wines. (You can read a little more about that in my previous dispatch from the tasting room). This is not to say that there were not as many good white wines. Quite the contrary, in fact: we had a superb chardonnay tasting and both of our Aromatic Whites tastings unearthed some real stars.

Quite simply, the variability of the line-up is the only way that we can guarantee that first and foremost, Wine Champions remains a genuine round-up of those wines that our expert buyers voted for by consensus to share with you all.

Wine Champions 2016 - the buyers taste the wines

784 blind wines and three months of tasting later, we have an offering for you that we are proud to present. Every bit as unique as the previous Wine Champions offerings, which never fail to harbour new surprises and tell their own stories.

This year’s stories are many, and without giving too much away before the wines are revealed next month, pinot noir is certainly one of them, as is our first ever Champion red from Germany.

We hope you enjoy the results – they will be unveiled soon!

Freddy Bulmer
Trainee Buyer

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