Fri 03 Jun 2016

Introducing Our First Interactive Map: Italy


We are always looking for interesting and useful ways to share information with our members.

The success of our infographics and Twitter tastings, for instance, have been great to see; but one area we felt needed improvement was maps.

We wanted to offer members an interactive and consistent way of navigating the world of wine, and set about commissioning a range of maps for all the wine regions we cover (no small undertaking with us carrying wines from at least 28 countries!) in a digital format.

The first of these maps, Italy, is now live, and can be found in our How To Buy Italy guide. Here you can hop around the different regions and sub regions and view key facts about each.

Italy map

View the Italy map here

We wanted to try Italy first as it is one of the more complex countries that we buy from; being suckers for punishment, we’ll be taking on the behemoth that is France next!

So keep an eye out for more maps over the next few months, and do please let us know any comments you may have.

Hugo Fountain
Marketing Campaign Manager

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  1. Neil Mungeam says:

    A great idea and looks good but is there not a way to “collapse” the key? It takes up about a third of the map page and gets in the way. Cheers.

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