Thu 02 Jun 2016

Staff Choice: An Italian Connection


June’s Staff Choice is one of southern Italy’s finest reds, Graticciaia, selected by The Society’s head of marketing, Matthew Kirk.

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Matthew KirkGraticciaia, Vallone 2011

I talk to lots of Wine Society members, at tastings and in our research, and they often tell me that their favourite wine is one that they have an emotional association with – something that goes beyond what’s in the bottle. It’s the same for me: my favourite wine at the moment (though for special occasions only!) is Graticciaia by Vallone, whom I visited when on holiday with my family in nearby Castellana Grotte in 2010; and I found myself taken back there again when I tasted this wine at our Italian growers’ tasting in London last month.

The grapes are dried on straw mats (grattici) on the roof of the winery in Puglia before fermentation.

Drying the grapes for Graticciaia

The process is similar to Amarone, I believe (though up in the Veneto they usually dry them indoors with the windows open) and it gives the finished wine an extra richness and intensity. Lovely.

Matthew Kirk
Head of Marketing


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