Fri 01 Jul 2016



Following the result of last week’s EU referendum members may be asking what impact the decision may have on The Society.

Sarah EvansAs we buy the majority of our wine in foreign currencies, particularly euros, any fluctuations in exchange rates have a potential impact although as we operate a hedging policy we are protected from significant volatility in the short term. In the meantime we will monitor the situation and take any necessary action to mitigate further fluctuations.

It is too early to say what impact there might be on The Society, the market in which we operate or our members and we believe there is sufficient agility in the business to cope with changes that might result from this vote.

Any changes will take some time to come into effect; time which we will use to adapt our business and operating plans to cope with the new world order. Experience during the economic crash of 2007/2008 shows that we can act quite quickly when we need to.

Sarah Evans

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  1. J R McErlean says:

    I am sure that we will continue to receive excellent service and value from the Society. However I am sad that the Montreuil showroom is going to close. We visit Montreuil at least 6/7 times a year and I think that this closure will have a deleterious impact on the town. Last January we visited and the showroom was closed for about 2 weeks and restaurant owners were telling us that the town was dead.

  2. Bob MacQueen says:

    My concern would be what could happen with Montreul if limits are imposed on quantity of winet that can be Brough back. I remember time before EU and limits then.

  3. Shane keen says:

    No matter, even an increase in your prices won’t deter me from being a customer.

  4. Melville Jones says:

    Living in France, but hoping to be back in Scotland by late September, and will begin buying from the Society again!

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