Tue 29 Nov 2016

Rhône 2015 First Impressions: En Primeur Offer Coming Soon


A few of us from around The Wine Society sat down with buyer Marcel Orford-Williams the other day to plan the forthcoming en primeur offer of the 2015 Rhône vintage. The wines will be available to order in late January.

The picture Marcel painted for us was of an excellent vintage, and our message to members is to start getting excited.

Weather patterns were complex and it’s a difficult vintage to generalise. Annoying for those of us who enjoy the simplicity of summaries, but stimulating stuff for those of us who enjoy exploring the numerous fascinating differences between wine regions. Being both of those things myself, I was unsure how to feel about it… until the wines were poured.

Côte-Rôtie in the northern Rhône was very successful in 2015

Côte-Rôtie in the northern Rhône was very successful in 2015

Each one of them was a joy. Tasting and talking with Marcel, it seems that the principal uniting factors in the 2015s are to do with generosity and pleasure. Even given the Rhône’s impressive run of form over the last few vintages, this is the sort of vintage that will delight aficionados, and would make a great first en primeur buy if you’ve yet to take the plunge. Most will be delicious throughout their drinking windows, with younger wines being gorgeously approachable but complex and fine too.

The northern Rhône’s reds performed superbly overall, with Côte-Rôtie and Crozes-Hermitage looking especially successful. In the south, where the majority of wine is made, the picture is inevitably more complicated, but the successes are quite magnificent, and there are some very special wines indeed. The more mountainous areas tended to perform best: lovers of Vinsobres and Gigondas, for example, are in for a particular treat.

The white wines are rich, powerful yet balanced and rather wonderful. There will be fewer on offer than in 2014, but they will be worth looking out for.

Lovers of Gigondas are in for a treat this year

Lovers of Gigondas are in for a treat

Another exciting announcement is that Marcel has decided to feature some new faces in the forthcoming offer – more news on that very soon. Keep an eye on your letterboxes, inboxes and thewinesociety.com for the end of January!

Martin Brown
Digital Content & Comms Editor

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  1. Ian Day says:

    What a tease !

  2. Ian Stoddart says:

    I am holding six bottles of 2007 Domaine du Terme Gigondas which I bought on a visit to the shop in the centre of the village. Is the 2015 likely to match the 2007 and which examples will The Society be offering members?

    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks for the query. According to Marcel, both 2007 and 2015 are very good vintages for Gigondas; whether the latter will match the former still remains to be seen. It will be good fun finding out! The region will indeed feature heavily in the offer, and here are the estates that will be included: Grand Romane, Saint Cosme, Moulin de la Gardette, Bouïssière, Clos des Cazaux, Pallieres, Perrin and Domaine du Cayron.

  3. Jim says:

    Exciting! Are we likely to see anything from the genius Laurent Combier?

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