Fri 06 Jan 2017

Staff Choice: Martin’s Budget Portuguese Pick


Having spent my wine budget rather lustily during the Christmas period, I’m looking for maximum bang for buck from any New Year indulgences.

Thankfully, this under-£7 Portuguese white ticks all the boxes. It was one of the stars of my visit to Portugal with Society buyer Jo Locke MW last year; and it’s a testament to its quality that it can shine every bit as brightly in a grey Hertfordshire January as it did in front of the sun-soaked vista of Esporão’s tasting room!

The view at Herdade do Esporão in the Alentejo

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Esporão Monte Velho, Alentejo 2015

Esporão Monte Velho, Alentejo 2015

This blend of local grapes (roupeiro, antão vaz and perrum) is the top seller in its price bracket on the Portuguese market, and winemaker David Baverstock hit the nail on the head at our tasting when he said it offers ‘a lot of sophistication for a big-blend wine from a hot climate’.

Esporão’s winemaker David Baverstock showing buyer Jo Locke MW the day’s harvest during our visit in September

The ripe 2015 vintage offers a little extra generosity of body, citrus fruit and even some leafy complexity too, making this the perfect opportunity to try it.

This is no one-dimensional summer quaffer, but really quite a refined foodie white that will work well for wintry sipping too, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

£6.95 – Bottle
£41.50 – Case of six
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  1. R.K. Mills says:

    I visit Portugal a lot and I can also recommend the Monte Velho red. Great taste, not over strong in alcoholic content, and very reasonably priced.

  2. Pedro d'Avillez says:

    This is a lovely wine as are all from Esporao.

    Why does the Wine Society not stock their “Reserva” red and white as well? Pricier but truly wonderful wines and excellent value for money.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks for the comment – quite agree. We do stock the Reservas from time to time – not quite enough space to do so always, but worth keeping an eye out! Best wishes

  3. ron lotts says:

    Agreed re both Monte Vehlos.
    Current favourite in Portuguese wines is Lobo e Falco.

  4. Norman Thorp says:

    I’ve bought both the white and the red over the last few years and agree that they are consistently very good, both with food or on their own. I’ve also tried a few bottles of their Duas Castas white, which has a touch more body and is excellent with food. Please keep stocking them!

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