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Tue 13 Dec 2011

Question Time

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David Dimbleby not presenting The Society's question time

Yesterday Pierre Mansour (@pierremansour) and I (@Ewbz) hosted a virtual question time on Twitter (@TheWineSociety) as an experiment as we dip our toe a little further into the water of social media. A small-but-perfectly-formed band of members took part under the hashtag #twsqt. Here are the Qs and the As:

@robjfreeman If in doubt, always decant?
@TheWineSociety ‘Yes!’ Most wines improve with aeration, especially younger reds. As @JancisRobinson says: ‘decant splashily!’ …
@TheWineSociety …although be wary of older, more fragile wines. If needed, decant immediately before drinking or pour carefully.

@jonone100 can you recommend a nice pinot noir for about £20? Thanks.
@TheWineSociety This Marsannay, a new (to us) producer & great vfm. Or for a top Kiwi try @SeresinEstate’s Rachel

@thirstforwine What wine for a Xmas 4-bird roast? (Turkey, Goose, Duck, Pheasant)
@TheWineSociety C’neuf-du-Pape is our recco but with so many flavours esp. trimmings choose something you know your guests will enjoy.
@thirstforwine Interesting – was thinking NZ PN. Thoughts?
@TheWineSociety NZ pinot was what @pierremansour drank with last year’s Christmas dinner! Anything with a bit of sweet ripe fruit.

@skifamille Am I right in thinking 15/12 is last order date for Christmas?
@TheWineSociety To guarantee pre-Christmas delivery, order pre-midnight Thu 15/12.

@TopTungston Wondering when the Tollot-Beaut Chorey-lès-Beaune 2005 is best to drink. Opening offer says best by 2012. Please advise.
@TheWineSociety Drinking well now. 05 vintage long-lasting but Chorey a modest appellation. For even softer and gamier hold for 2-3 years.
@TopTungston Also please could you tell me is the 06 Katnook estate Cab Sauv drinking ok right now? Thank you.
@TheWineSociety Absolutely delicious right now. Very elegant. Do decant 1 hour before.

@Theshrubb Is my 2001 Langoa Barton ready for this Christmas or should I leave it for a few more?
@TheWineSociety Drank this at a recent Montreuil dinner (Sep). Just hitting stride now. Pop the cork & enjoy, or wait up to another 8 years.

@PollyEJHolidays You focus a lot on great Portuguese wines, but are there any you’d recommend from the Algarve for Christmas?
@TheWineSociety While we have loads of Portuguese in our current offer none are from Algarve. Sorry.

So that’s it from Stevenage for this week. Next time we’ll be in Stevenage, and the time after that in … er … Stevenage! Good night.

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Fri 19 Nov 2010

Managing the Christmas load

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Managing the Christmas load

Christmas is always a very busy time at The Society with a fourfold increase in orders relative to normal trading levels.

Planning starts in January with a full debrief about what went right and wrong so that we can learn the lessons and improve our service the following year.

Last year, gift cards were a problem and to avoid bottlenecks we reluctantly resorted to sending some cards separately by post. This year, we have developed a new process to speed up the accurate matching of cards to cases and are pleased to report that all gift cases will now be delivered complete with greetings cards.

Also last year, the early cold snap caused havoc on the roads in the vital last few days before the 25th. We are proud of the efforts made by our drivers and carriers to ensure that the vast majority of wine was delivered in time.

In readiness this year, we have arranged for all replacement vans to be front-wheel drive (which cope better in snow and ice), instructed our drivers how to deal with severe weather conditions and kitted them out with special equipment. When choosing the equipment we just couldn’t resist the snow shovels painted in Wine Society red.

But please help us get ahead of the game by placing your order in plenty of time. As an incentive, members who place an order by Sunday, 5th December will be entered into a draw to win a case of mature 1990 Claret worth more than £900, or one of 50 magnums or 100 bottles of The Society’s Champagne.

Early orders help us spread the Christmas load, plan ahead and provide a better service; come rain or come shine.

Peter Styne
Head of Operations

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