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Fri 27 May 2011

A treat in Montpeyroux

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Critics of the Languedoc, and there are a few, often suggest that there is no real notion of terroir. Worse, the wines are little more than simple, with no capacity for ageing. The same people will very likely be the same ones who will condemn the carignan grape and who still actively encourage growers to remove it.

This is Sylvain Fadat standing outside his cellar in Montpeyroux and about to dig out a bottle a bottle of 1998. He had no need to prove the point; indeed I had told him of a wonderful bottle of 1999 which I had drunk a day or two before. But we got talking about Montpeyroux and its future, and this 1998 was a way of illustrating a point.

It was also breakfast and this was a lovely way to start the day. This was a real treat, a wine of infinite complexity and grace – and still youthful.

As for the future of Montpeyroux, it is likely that it will given Cru status by 2014.

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