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We are having more and more wines bottled with Diam corks. These closures look like an ordinary agglomerate corks but appearances in this case are deceptive. Diam have solved two of the greatest problems of the otherwise excellent natural cork, a fault commonly called  “corked”, which is a “musty” smelling taint caused when a cork  infected with a substance called trichloroanisole (TCA) communicates this to wine, and cork’s natural variation in porosity to air which can lead to extreme variation in oxidation of  wine.

Diam cork

Diam cork: looks like an ordinary agglomerate cork, but it isn't!

We are bottling a growing number of wines with Diam corks including Talmard’s Mâcon-Villages, The Society’s Chilean Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, future bottlings of Society’s Chablis, many wines from Jean-Marc Brocard, Hugel, Louis Jadot, Bouchard Père et Fils and Domaine William Fèvre. Members can see which wines are bottled with Diam corks on the website. To the closure field for each wine we have just introduced an entry for Diam corks, which we are currently updating.

A more detailed article will appear in the July Newsletter.

Toby Morrhall
Society Wine Buyer

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