Grapevine Archive for Treviso Frizzante

By popular demand, we are reintroducing this Prosecco with a cork. Members were quite right to point out that the screwcap version, which we had hoped would be easier to handle, does not keep the delightful freshness of the wine for so long. This is a pity as the quality of the Adami family’s wine, which comes from the heart of the best Prosecco vineyards (unlike so much on the market) is outstanding.

In the short term, we will be cutting the price of our remaining stock under screwcap from £8.95 to £6.50 to clear, and at this price, for quick consumption, we think it’s a snip.

Meanwhile, fresh stock with driven cork in the attractive skittle bottle is on the way. Samples were delicious, and we strongly recommend you give it a try when it arrives in the middle of May. Salute!

Thanks to all members who fed back on the screwcap version. Please keep telling us what you think – good and bad!

Sebastian Payne MW
Chief Wine Buyer

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