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Tue 25 May 2010

Winefair in Pink

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May sees London’s wine trade fair, which in truth means different things to different people. At its best, it brings together the wine trade from across the world, and for some growers the fair kicks off in style on the Monday with The Wine Society.

The fair itself does not add up to much and this year, it seemed noticably smaller. The Beaujolais region is one of the sponsors and the Beaujolais stand, well positioned in the middle, was very busy with people falling over to taste 2009. There were smiles everywhere and with good reason. This is such a good vintage.

Less frequented but just as pleasurable was the Provence stand and a rare chance to taste the wines of 30-odd producers. For many years I’ve had a gut feeling that Provence would come good, and my word did these 2009s show it!

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