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Wed 24 Dec 2014

Now That’s What I Call #ChristmasWineSongs 3

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djsantaThis is the third year (click on 2013 & 2012 for previous editions) that we have asked members for wine-based Christmas songs, and yet again you didn’t let us down. After two Christmases of activity, we didn’t think there was much more to give, but how wrong we were. Here are our Top Ten #ChristmasWineSongs of 2014 (with many thanks to @gingerburn, @RiponJo, @frankstero, @jamesbeyer, @Cheoffors, @markchristie, @bjobailey, @rougeabsolut, @withnail69, @ReserveAtBents and everyone else who contributed).

DRC Him Lying On A Bed Of Straw

The Furstentum Noel

In The Deep Mid Palate

All I Want For Christmas Is Cru

Vine, Vine, Emmanuel

Syrah-mid The Winter’s Snow

Oh Carmenère All Ye Faithful

Fairytale Of New Cork

A Spaceman Came Tavel-ing (by Chris de Burgundy)

Little Plonky

You can find a fuller list by searching for #ChristmasWineSongs on Twitter.

“We wish you Maury Christmas, and an Ampuis New Year.”

Ewan Murray
PR Manager

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