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6 Nations 2019


I’ve come in late as the first round of matches has already been played.

I’m Scottish. In my own playing days, I’d always bet a pint with someone for Scotland to lose. If Scotland won, I’d be happy. If Scotland lost , I’d win an extra pint from the jug.


Great summary of England’s performance on the BBC website… Bulldozers in attack, Chainsaws in defence. :grin:


Well that was expensive. I feel like I need a new head today


Nice work!! Impressive quality and quantity!


In terms of the Italian tasting that I went to on Friday. I said I would report back here.

Franciacorta Alma Gran Cuvée Brut NV, Bellavista, Lombardia - I didnt think much to this we all guessed around £15 as the price but it was £45! Definitely not worth the money
2016 Verdicchio Classico Superiore, Villa Bucci, Marche - I just didn’t like this, personal tastes maybe but it was tart and didn’t offer much. One of my friends didn’t mind it but the other 3 didn’t like. I didn’t get any of the tasting notes it said on the bottle.
2016 Soave ‘Calvarino’ Pieropan - Lovely, clean wine. Enjoyed by all.
2016 Aglianico del Vulture Pipoli , Vigneti del Vulture, Basilicata - This was phenomenal value at £12, not the most “complex” wine but very well balanced and tasty. I ordered 6 bottles which were under £10 each on the night.
2013 Barolo, Massolino, Piemonte - Nice plummy fleshy wine that went very well with the carpaccio it was served with.
2014 Cepparello , Isole e Olena, Tuscany - 2 of the group had this as their favourite. Very nice but didn’t quite reach the heights I was hoping for it.
2014 Mille e Una Notte , Donnafugata, Sicily - My wine of the night, absolutely lovely. But it is £67 a bottle so you would hope so.
2014 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Allegrini, Veneto - Didn’t hold up against some of the others especially at the price point. Still very nice but everyones least favourite red.

So moral of the story, stock up on the Aglianico. As an aside all wines were presented by David Gleave MW (of liberty wines) and he was a fantastic host with an unending supply of knowledge down to the finest details.

I would also go on about the wines we drank at my house on Saturday for the 6 nations but seeing as I counted 21 empty bottles in the morning (as well as a fair few beer bottles and a bottle of Dalmore) I would be here all day. That said the Conti Costanti Brunello 2012 was lovely as was the 2009 Alion.


And very much appreciated.

Pieropan’s Soaves a personal favourite


Thanks for taking the time Mike…very interesting.

My D in L’s Uncle is a sommelier and last year he gave me a glass of bottle aged Anglianico 2002 vintage. He hales from Calabria. It was beautiful. full of fruit, leather, spice, tobacco, integrated tannins. TWS has a few examples of younger Aglianicos… I’ve trend the Janare at £7.95. great with a pizza or spaghetti bol.

I had a call from a friend today inviting me to a little place called Twickenham next Sunday. i guess there must be something special going on there on that day.


this is a fantastic value for money wine in my book - have had a dozen or so bottles

have you tried the - Riserva Piano del Cerro ? would be interested to know if its worth the price difference


Currently watching Scotland V Ireland ! Such a great 1st half ! Literally my hearts in my mouth :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::shamrock:


Mine too…Scotland should have been up at half time, some poor refereeing cost us plus wrong choices. We didnt play well in second half and Ireland closed us out.

Go France! :wink:


Yup they went alright - home, empty handed🤣


Yes, France certainly went…

The game in Cardiff is going to be epic.


I’m starting to worry more about that match - England seem to be the complete package at the moment, whereas Wales are just about scraping by.

But they still have the capacity to surprise: my moment of the weekend was Wales’ first try, when Liam Williams actually passed the ball :open_mouth:


Passing the ball is so outre… the grubber kick is the new black.


It certainly is … when the opposition back three is out of position as often as the French were yesterday :foot::rugby_football:


Yes… It was a joy to behold.:smiley:


Wow, that was intense!


Well done! We had our second string backs out and it showed…


I’m LOVING this game so far !! :ireland::ireland::ireland::ireland:


It’s Super Saturday!

I’m off to Cardiff, there’s nowhere like it on match day - and when there’s a grand slam up for grabs, it becomes a joyous, dizzy blur :rugby_football: :beer: :crazy_face: