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6 Nations 2019


What a game. Chariot partly derailed…


I’m drowning my sorrows in the pub ! Well done Wales :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿! We’ll be back :shamrock::shamrock:


Incredible day of rugby. Congratulations Wales, well deserved

England can look back at parts of games they should have won and wonder what happened, but if you’re not going to play for 80 minutes then you don’t deserve to win

Ireland were very disappointing this tournament but you still have to fancy a good World Cup run

All in all - a fun afternoon in the pub!


Er, well done Scotland :grin: - an amazing turn around, fully capitalising on England’s second half psychological frailties, and winning the game 6 tries to 5. Makes a change not to be talking about Scotland in this way, and the Calcutta Cup is still ours!


was the strangest of games - you would have thought the psychological frailties would have been Scotland’s going into the second half…

back to the old saying…snatched defeat from the jaws of victory !

roll on next year and another chance for me to win at #twsrugbyscore


Well, Cardiff was at its beer-soaked best on Saturday!

A lot of yo-yo performances this tournament, but if the creases get ironed out, Wales, Ireland and England should all be going into the World Cup as realistic contenders.

Meanwhile, I do not want to think about alcohol for a long time … except, oh no, I’ve still got a Burgundy decision to make by tomorrow evening :dizzy_face:


@Herbster I am sure we are all relieved to see you post again after the radio silence since Saturday which is perhaps not unexpected as is your temporary aversion to alcohol!

Well done…I was surprised at the margin of victory too. We Scots endured our usual roller coaster of emotions x 10 this year…though the comeback at Twickers was something to behold. Just a shame we only played in patches this year, though not a bad result from what was our 2nd XV in the backs…it was worth seeing Eddie Jones face again and again…:slight_smile:

PS Did you meet Gary in Cardiff?