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6 Nations time!


I turned off in interests of blood pressure and TV remaining undamaged…Scotland were truly awful in the way that only we can be…


My good god !! What a finish for Ireland :ireland:!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::scream:!! I need a drink to calm down !


Merde! Nous avons été volés


On the plus side, good to be an England supporter on Sunday :grin::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Watched while enjoying a bottle of (fairly) local Ringwood’s Old Thumper. A nice drop.


Looks like its going to have to be a bottle of Chateau Jones for England v Wales. What a scorcher that looks to be. Both teams will be out to make a point or three.


Well that was an interesting weekend’s rugby:

  • An Irish try fest (although Italy almost got a 4-try bonus point)
  • While England were the better side, they were far from convincing. If the Wales from last week had turned up, they could have caused a shock.
  • Scotland - at last! With the exception of the first 10 minutes, they showed grit and determination, especially in the second half. The French were disappointing in the second half, but I’m not complaining!


A good and very unbiased summary Ewan.

I watched the first twenty minutes of Scotland game, but got frustrated by the defensive failings down the left flank, and then by Russell’s somewhat erratic and profligate kicking, and retreated for a walk.

Came back and watched a much better second half display save one daft penalty given away…

Agree that England were not convincing and neither were Wales - a pretty turgid and attritional game at times.


A win is a win and England together with Ireland are the only two teams to go forward undefeated. Well done to them.
As a Welshman I would agree with Mark that the England match was not a classic and more to the point Wales had a try disallowed which otherwise would have given them a win. But that’s rugby for you. Onwards and upwards in 2 weeks time.


Ok, I’ll bite:

‘Wales had a try disallowed which otherwise would have given them a win.’

If we’re holding everything else the same in this counterfactual, the try would have given Wales 7 points but they would not have got the 3 points for the penalty advantage (taken once the try was disallowed). So in that case the final score would have been 12-10.

Otherwise agreed, not a classic, but a win’s a win.


#twsrugbyscore competition now open on twitter for Calcutta Cup.



Was delayed getting home to watch it but listening on radio…

Just what Scotland do to you…thoroughly deserved!

CNdP 2010 to celebrate.


Well played Scotland, destroyed England at the breakdown and fully deserved the victory. Tio Pepe tres palmas is softening the blow…


Ewan and Robert are clearly overcome!


Winning comes hard for Scotland, and we are used to the opposite feeling, so we (hopefully, and generally) prefer not to gloat in victory, but savour it with the knowledge it is unlikely to last for long.

I’m enjoying the moment in quiet contemplation with my wine and my family.

My son, born in England and who always supports England in these games, today chose to support Scotland (while still in the first half), so the omens were always good :slight_smile:


Not so much overcome but, given that Murrayfield is sponsored by BT the mobile signal capacity was awful. Was great being there to watch. As Robert says, days like this don’t come around very often, so am basking in a victory- and Graticciaia-induced glow right now!


Will just leave this here for the Scots :wink:! Always my second team :+1:


Especially in the next game…


Well it’s super Saturday today and as we had a risotto last night so I’ve decided to do a cross between a Scotch egg and Arancini in honour of the first match.
Boiled egg coated in mascarpone mustard, wrapped in a slice of prosciutto, then the risotto, dipped in egg, coated in sourdough breadcrumbs and deep fried (the true Scottish cooking methodology).![image|375x500](upload://hqj5J0IUwBk1hENVpXFE81ScOPJ.jpeg

Nice drop of Abbot reserve by Greene King to go with them


Best day of the sporting calendar!

I’m pretty pleased because I assumed, at the start of the championship, that Wales were staring down the barrel of fourth place, what with a resurgent Scotland, a solid Ireland and England’s spectacular winning streak - so to be looking at a decent chance of finishing second is a pleasant surprise.

Anyhoo, the other half’s off the drink tonight (probably to do with last night’s sloe gin…), so I’m in two minds about opening a wine. Might stick to beer - I’m a big fan of Bath Ales, so a bottle or two of Gem or Dark Side may well be happening later.


Do you add anything to the leftover risotto for it not to crumble? When I tried arancini it was a disaster… basically deep fried arborio.