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6 Nations time!


My risottos tend to be very sticky with olive oil, butter and plenty of cheese added right at the end for beating in. This means that when it comes to making the arancini the rice is very moist. My go to man for advice on risotto is Giorgio Locatelli.
I did some arancini this time and sqidged the rice in the palm of my hand and put a splodge of goats cheese in the middle of it before wrapping the rice round it. Yummy.


GRANDSLAM!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::+1:

(Tonight could get messy :rofl:)


Well done Ireland! Well deserved Grand Slam right there.

Now come on Wales, let’s secure an unlikely second place…


Have to say that it’s never boring being a Scot when it comes to rugby! The result, of course, was never in doubt … well not after the 79th minute, anyway! Well played Italy!

England, for the third match in a row, just didn’t turn up. Really disappointing, but the Irish are just so strong and steady, and thoroughly deserved to win the championship - could’ve been so very different if Sexton hadn’t made that drop kick against the French.

How on earth did France not beat Wales?!

And now it’s all over, my average weekly beer intake will come down to normal levels!


methinks they were doing something wrong!


Oo la la!! (duly edited) :rugby_football::yum:


Not sure Wales deserved that win but I’ll take it! Especially after our bizarre finale against France last year…


Italy did not deserve to lose to us.

England were beaten by more than the final scoreline suggests.

Wales must have had Merlin playing somewhere! I cannot believe that a team had so much possession and so many chances as France in that second half with hardly any points to show for it!

Irish were very worthy winners…and Scotland contrived to lose to them at ICC World Cup cricket qualifiers on Sunday too…


As an English fan, I wasn’t too disappointed with the match. Same old problem with the breakdown and penalties, seems we don’t know the rules. We put a few more into the contact so we’re then short on defence.

The Irish were worthy winners, certainly better on the day, but, big but, the game hinged on a couple of moments that went against us. The knock on for the first try, forward pass for the second and no yellow for No12’s shoulder charge, all close calls given the other way. I wonder why they have replays? Not moaning too much as that’s sport. Just no time to throw the baby out with the bath water.


Did any neutrals watch the Aus - Ire test? Thoughts?

Obviously I’m gutted but :clap: to Ireland. Was a great series and feels like rugby is lifting itself off the floor back in Aus.


Unfortunately not, though sounded like it was good.

Watched some of the wales tests and been following the England-South Africa test, which has been a pretty depressing experience! Will have to see if we can claw back something this afternoon…


Have to say I often neglect the summer tours, although it was nice to see the wins over Argentina and South Africa. Roll on the autumn!

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