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A personal announcement - a new admin team


Well, that’s really quite emotional… Reading all those positive and heartfelt messages, I agree with absolutely all of them. I hope @robert_mcintosh is very proud of giving all of us such a safe, inclusive, interesting, funny, equal and probably unique space to communicate a love of fermented grape juice, in all its many guises. Again, this is the only social media site worth the effort (take that Facebook!).

Best wishes in your next and future projects - hopefully we’ve not caused you too much trouble?!


None at all. The shared love of wine has been stronger than any disagreement on anything else and so this has been a most civilised place.

Thank you everyone for such kind words. It has been really fun for me too, and I will definitely be sticking around - don’t worry!


The messages here speaks volumes about just how loved you are, Rob, and having had the pleasure of working with you for some time now it comes as no surprise to me.

I can confirm he has the same infectious enthusiasm for all the behind-the-scenes Community work (even the boring stuff!) that you see every day in his posts here. So I’m hugely honoured to have worked alongside you, Rob, and VERY glad that you’ll be sticking around. :grinning:

Thanks everyone for all your lovely messages, too - this new role (my ultimate dream job after 12 years here at The Society, on and off) is a brilliant cocktail of three parts exhilarating to one part terrifying and I’m excited to spend lots more time here in this lovely, friendly place.


Many thanks for the job you did in getting this community established @robert_mcintosh - a job very well done! Great to hear that you’ll be sticking around :+1:t2:

And congratulations @laura! You’ll be a fantastic custodian of the community, and I’m delighted you’ve landed your dream job :clap:t2:


Always welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Many thanks @robert_mcintosh.
And best wishes @laura; keep up and move forwards with the good work.


We’d all like you to have this @robert_mcintosh

Glad to hear you’ll be sticking around! :+1: :clinking_glasses:


Thank you so much for all your hard work @robert_mcintosh !!! And best of luck to @laura in her new role!


Many thanks, Robert. I endorse all the nice things many others have said and wish you well in the future.
Can you tell us where you are heading next?

Kind regards,