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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Both are great expressions of a grape I’ve every intention of getting to know better. Their freshness, texture and flavours are so far up my street they’re knocking at my door.

I’ll give the Maurer an 8.5, for a wine with only 11% ABV this has seriously impressive depth, and another re-order.


Thanks very much @szaki1974 really enjoyed this tonight.


Yes, thanks @szaki1974 great tasting!


Wow you know I didn’t get to read your notes yet and didn’t even clock that Mauer was from Serbia! I just ordered from the links… :flushed: Genuine apologies.


This has been a great tasting @szaki1974 - thanks for organising it! I love tasting similar wines and am always struck by how much variation there is despite the same grape, similar location etc.


It was a little confusing because the back label of the Maurer is in Hungarian, but is product of Serbia…!


The TWS tastings are bad enough for the budget given I end up buying more of whatever I liked or discovered - these guerilla tastings may tip it over the edge! *Reviews overdraft limit *


Fascinating how these have spilt the vote. I think all my previous tastings have had at least a moderate bias to one or the other but, as I suspected from the comments, this is as close to split down the middle as is possible with an uneven number of voters. Very interesting!!!


Great and very different tasting - thanks for the initiative @szaki1974. My first Kadarka and first Serbian wine too. Great summer and food wines - will try again when the outside temperature’s more than 5C…


Everyone voted now… the Maurer edged it :slight_smile:

Someone could volunteer to run the next tasting…


Come on Heimann!


So split that I’ve have voted the other way but OH got in there first :woman_shrugging:



Yes I have a bit of an issue here. I’m going to have to be more selective in my tastings I’m afraid. My problem is that I’m single and this is two bottles. I only drink a little over one bottle a week so two tastings a month won’t leave me any normal drinking. Hmm must formulate a strategy for this!


I actually Coravinned one. The Heimann for obvious reasons…


Possible solution?


Thanks everyone for joining. Have a great rest of the evening, hopefully all children fast asleep.


You’re a bad influence!

Actually it’s not a discipline thing; I pour one glass of wine with my dinner and it almost always lasts happily until I go to bed. Not a conscious restraint or anything like that.

But just occasionally I feel like rather more.


As others have already said. A big thank you to @szaki1974 for organising this fascinating and eye opening tasting., I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and will be re-ordering both wines.

You deserve a ‘golden bottle’.


She’s snoring on me now. Can’t reach bottles now but there are worst things!