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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Blueberries, mocha, plum, red berries and a little floral too. Oh and juicy if that makes sense


Ooh yeah, bit of allspice or similar.


There’s something a bit chalky on the nose too!


Reminds me of red kola juice from years ago


I can see where you’re coming from with the Turkish delight but for me it’s a little sharp for that. I’m more towards pear drops maybe - a light sourness.


The other half’s just joined me, agrees with the sweetness on the nose.


Red fruit and mocha for sure. Lots of swirling needed! It’s a bit muted in my glass - should have decanted earlier


I decanted earlier but still a bit muted


Some said said chalk - I’m picking up that sort of dusty background note


I’m getting the sour notes


Yeah, I get what you mean by pear drops - the pink ones, right…?


Yes not exactly slapping me awake on the bouquet. I wonder if your chalk is my pencil/wood shavings?


GF: Fruity… black fruits… with a spice…

I’m getting juicy ripe fruits mostly… And yeah a hint of mocha but it’s all very muted…


Quite possibly


Not sure my memory is good enough to identify which…


I’m coming round to the pear drops idea. A bit of red fruit. Overall quite muted as others have noted.


It’s leaving some lovely legs on the glass from all that swirling :smiley:


When do we get to drink?


Love the pale crimson colour, you can see right through it.

Restrained but compelling nose, cranberry, redcurrant, tomato with a soft savoury undertow. It reminds me a bit of you know what.

Ooo, lovely fresh acidity and bright red fruits, berries, cherry and rosehip, really pure flavours, silky texture, light tannins grip on the fruity savoury finish. This is an absolute belter !