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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



I agree with @Embee it has a lovely silky sweet texture.


Wow who said rosehip? I wouldn’t have caught that on my own but that’s it!

Girlfriend gets Marmite!


There’s definitely tannins, they’re just very well integrated :wink:


I just held a mouthful for rather longer and yes, they are there. Integrated yes, but also I gather Kadarka is very low on tannins anyway.


Anyone else get a strong saline finish?


Funnily enough its great for under your eyes!.. The Rosehip not the wine :laughing:


It reminds me of a tamarind sweet from childhood. Oddly evocative wine.


Must be the cheese…


Yep - agree with the saline finish


Delicate in a very good way


Moi aussi :+1:


I think I know what you mean. Something I only had once, abroad, but the flavour stuck with me.


Now that you mention it, there is definitely a mineral freshness to this. I’m liking this more and more as it opens up.


Ideas for food pairing with this??? What does everyone think??


171 bottles left…


Duck breast rubbed with 5 spice


It’s quite light and delicate (coming from a Bordeaux lover) so maybe lighter less strongly flavoured stuff. White fish? Sole?



Yes, cola, good shout.


I really have this sweet/salt thing going on now, but not in a way I recognise. Salted blackberry cooler. And now I’ve got a chilled glass, it has a slight sptritz almost.

Girlfriend isn’t loving it.