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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



I think the acidity would work well with fatty, meaty dishes like duck (as @szaki1974 mentions) as it’s quite acidic. I wouldn’t mind it with a bit of cheese either.


That’s just made me hungry. It would be a great match.


This wine makes me proud to be from Szekszard…


All the more for you :rofl:


I’m looking at my new Joe Trivelli cookbook and I reckon it will go well with rabbit roasted in Parmesan.


I noticed a bit of CO2 when I opened mine after pulling it from the fridge too.


Neither is mine!

Me, I dig it.


I’m definitely re-ordering. This will make for fantastic summer drinking.


Score out of 10?


Interesting, I’d have thought it was a very easy to like wine. I’m normally a big robust tannic wine drinker and had severe doubts about these. But this is so easy to drink, in much the same way that Beaujolais is, that I’d find it hard to dislike.


OH reporting in. Sorry not for me, too delicate, too acidic, too a few things really.


I’d have this with cod and lentils for sure.


6/10 for me but may be revised


7/10 from Newcastle :wink:


Food wise - I’m picturing a creamy coconut fish curry - the kind delicately flavoured with whole spices and no chilli. The wine has to be chilled though and weather nice and hot!


That would work for me!


Gonna start with a 7 out of 10.


I normally run towards light reds, but this isn’t giving me huge amounts of enjoyment, not nearly like a Beaujolais can. I find it an interesting wine for sure, nothing much like it, but not one for quaffing. My other half is giving the rest of the glass a miss.


I’m going for a 7.5. A lovely wine for the price point and one I’ll get in if the weather warms up a bit.


Sept points from Inverness.