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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Me seven, too…


6/10 for me - very interesting wine and different from my usual style, but have struggled with it a bit…


Moving on to the Maurer now



I so WANT to like it, and I’ve certainly enjoyed Kadarkas in the past, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the other bottle is like. I do find this one alluring, but it just doesn’t tickle me.


Sameish colour, a tad more orangey


I can’t fault this for the outlay. For its QPR alone it’s gotta be a 9.


This next one is the exact colour of how I like my Ribena, should anyone need to make me a glass in future.


Love the colour of both these wines. The Maurer slightly more orange.

Maurer seems more expressive and fruity on the nose than the Heimann.


Smells a bit like Irn Bru otherwise struggling at the mo


Lovely colour again.

Wow. What is that on the first whiff??


Getting plums on the nose


I’m getting sweet shop and wood varnish. In a good way.


Agree with plums. Rhubarb anyone?


Hint of VA anyone else?


You and me both - it’s exactly right. A bit paler than the Heimann. When it was pouring it looked almost like a rosé!


Granted this has been decanted for quite a while and is also a bit chilled, the first whiff for me brought up an image in my head of eating strawberries in a highly chlorinated hot tub :thinking:… that then gave way to aniseed balls or the coconut liquorice allsorts with smashed strawberries …. I may be going mad however :rofl:


That might be my varnish!


Ooh rhubarb, yes spot on.


Your VA, my chlorinated hot tub :rofl::laughing: