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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Red unripe greengage, if that makes sense


For me the opposite :slight_smile:


A whole packet of Star Mix all at once!


Hah strange isn’t it? For me it’s the other way round. I find this much less well balanced. The acidity is a little too much.



Just picturing everyone sipping their wine and comparing tasting notes in the haribo ‘child’ voices.


That was helpful @Herbster

@szaki1974 is there any Hungarian music you can share that will help us with the mood ?


Yes, the acidity is strong in this one



Light bodied but with real depth and intensity of flavour. Strawberries and red cherry with a bit of a woody undertow, there’s a savoury quality I can’t put my finger on too. Once again acidity provides the wines structure with light tannins providing some grippy astringency on the finish. Good length of flavour I must say.


OOOOH I like this music @szaki1974 :wink:


I’m late to the party, but have caught up and enjoying reading all your comments… The Maurer has a nose of sweet damson gin for me. Lovely colour too.


I need some cheese as this acidity is getting a bit much! The finish on both is surprisingly long


I just need ANY food :joy:


Enjoying this one more personally. The acidity is still there but I find the more apparent fruity, almost sweet, notes of damsons and red fruit make it seem more balanced. I could happily drink quite a lot of this on a nice summer’s day.


Don’t know what he’s saying but it’s not dissimilar to what we were listing to before :slight_smile:

Enjoying both the music and this wine…


Éj lettem, csend a hangom, / A napot akartam, s elégett minden

I became the night, silence is my voice / I wanted the sun, all went to ashes


Great stuff. I think all our tastings need a local soundtrack from now on!


I’ve totally instagrammed this :wink:


I like both but the Maurer is that much more sparky.