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Advance notice of what's coming in



A personal point of view is that there is far too much complication and obfuscation around the society’e emails and allocation system. Rather than stagger (ie giving preference to some members over others) why not just send an email to everyone on that list at the same time and say that the wine is very limited and it’s anticipated to sell out quickly. That way everyone has an equal chance and expectations are managed.

Another personal point of view. It’s time to do away with this secret. confusing hierarchy / algorithm that is sometimes alluded to - that members who spend more are more likely to be emailed / get allocations in EP. It feels out of step,. Why not just treat us all equally, and let us chose what emails we want to receive eg by selecting regions or wine types we are interested in. Given the Society’s ethos, I don’t see why a member who spends X is more entitled to a wine than one who spends Y. Or maybe I’m missing something?


I agree with your latter point but there is some justification to the staggering of emails. It can be very difficult to send 150,000 emails in one go. In my business we have to send product (digital images) to customers and, though we don’t send out anywhere near 150,000 at a time, it can still be a problem if we send them all out in one batch. A problem that has resulted in us getting blocked and blacklisted as spammers in the past, despite them all being legitimate ordered products (Hotmail is particularly bad for this sort of behaviour). The only consistent fix we have found for this problem is to stagger our emails so they don’t all go out together.


That makes sense, I can understand that. I guess I’m thinking that if members were given more choice about what emails they want, many mailings about specific wines could be sent to much smaller segments. For example L&W gives lots of options for expressing preference in eg bottle price, red, white or fizz, and regions of the world - which presumably they can use to create segments for each mailing. So if the Society did this, Chave Hermitage emails could only go the section on the list that is happy to pay over £40 a bottle and is interested in red wine and wines from Rhone. Despite the popularity of this wine in this forum, I guess this segment would only be a tiny fraction of the Society’s membership - and possibly not difficult to send all at the same time…

Edit… for Chave Hermitage I probably should have said those happy to spend over £100 a bottle? Can’t remember the cost…


Personally I think that’s exactly the sort of thing that is needed.


Hang on. Isn’t it the real case that if you blank a certain chateau one year, you slide down the list of potential buyers the following year. I think that was the reason Mr Parker became so successful, because he wasn’t beholding to any particular organisation. At least he was initially until they all started keeping special barrels for him!


We wouldn’t deal with any such châteaux - relationships are as important as the wine. Some châteaux also say that you will get an allocation of the top wine only if you buy a certain amount of their other wines. We don’t do business on those terms. Honesty, transparency and integrity from both sides is needed.


I’ve noticed Pontet Canet hasn’t been offered for a few years now. Has there been a relationship breakdown?