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Alchoholism amongst over 65s


To be fair, and again playing devils advocate, I think that most people on this thread are more concerned about the general affect that alcohol has on their health rather than an addiction to it.

To have a real alcohol dependency usually ( but by no mean always ) involves years of “hammering it” and sooner or later most people without very deep pockets tend to swap their favourite tipple for cheap spirits. Either that or weird things like cheap cooking sherry mixed with Tennent’s super.


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It looks we can summarise this topic by concluding that drunks over 65 are responsible for knife crime.


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Actually, you might have been right first time @Leah.

I have just been trying to dig out some statistics, and as far as I can make out there is as yet no consensus of the prevalence of adverse reactions to sulphite. I found a document that said: according to one source 5% of asthmatics are sensitive to sulphites, compared with 1% of the rest of the populations, while another claims in America it is less than 0.05% of the whole population. It also gave some other figures, which I did not understand.

This is the document I was reading. You can chase through references from there if you are interested. https://farrp.unl.edu/sulfites-usa


Thanks Steve, I’ll have a look :grinning:


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In fact, the estimates of people affected by Sulphites vary a lot, from extremely low up to 5%. See here under “sulphite sensitivity”
I did not chase through to any of the references given, but it is not obvious how much of the variation is due to the definition of “affected”, and how much is due to the estimation method.

Maybe there are more recent studies?


There is great enjoyment in moderation. Being able to decide whether you are going to have a drink or not is an enjoyment. Alchoholism could mean not getting through a day without a drink . or even worse haaving a glass in you hand all the time. Like chainsmoking on the bottle all the time. Thats not enjoyments thats tyranny!