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Congratulations @sophie21188!!!
She looks like she’s about to take off - bless her! :blush:

Hope all is well with you and the family, and glad you managed your first glass of fizz! ;):+1::+1:


Posing for a part in Supergirl !!!:innocent:


@sophie21188 Oh, baby Maggie is absolutely precious!! Huge congratulations to you. And happy 30th too!

And in case you hadn’t already seen, @tom made good on his suggestion of a Wine Society babygrow :joy:


Congratulations @sophie21188. Not quite another Scorpion but a Libran is close. Best wishes to you all!


Wonderful news and a lovely pic, congratulations!!


Too many in the family already :see_no_evil::rofl:


Hi, just joined the community, but have been a society member for over 25 years. My wife is on antibiotics at present, thankfully only for six weeks so I am reading all the comments with great interest, especially as I am supporting her in her enforced temperance. We have tried the Eisberg and agree - it is almost poisonously bad. We are also highly unimpressed with Becks Blue, but would recommend Erdinger and San Miguel, they do actually taste good.