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Alcohol, mood and mental health


Cheers Mark. Is a brilliant book - one remarkable thing is that you can’t always detect the impact of sleep deprivation. Completely changed my view and wish I’d read it in my twenties or thirties.


I will second that is a fantastic book. It is the book that immediately influenced my behaviour the most post read. I have friends who have expressed similar sentiments too.

I also thought about restricting my alcohol consumption to weekend lunchtimes but often found my resolve wavering in the evening. I just try to accept the risk. Interestingly he also said avoid exercise before sleep. I don’t remember how long exactly he said to leave, but I do occasionally exercise on an evening. Again, risk accepted.


Nice to hear someone else was similarly impressed. The book merits a better title. My recollection is that exercise in the evening isn’t a problem - so long as it’s not right before sleeping. Though I find it can mean I eat a bit too late. Either way, I don’t think the impact on sleep is as negative.


All credit to the OP for baring his soul in that way. In my experience of addiction(in others), honesty is the very first requirement without which no recovery can be successfully attempted.
One thing which struck me was that the first half bottle was drunk prior to decanting. Others have mentioned the “quality rather than quantity” mantra which is very apt and which I support, but we should surely not forget that with red wine, even an everyday wine (especially those, and any young wine) will benefit from decanting even if that is not required for the purpose of separating out the sediment.
My view, which not all may share, is that part of the interest of wine is to experience its development, so I am happy to decant a bottle then drink it over a few days. It can be rebottled and vacuvinned when it gets to the point where it may suffer with further exposure to the air.
This is really all in support of the quality rather than quantity approach.


Many thanks for everyone who has contributed to this. The support of this community is important to me and more importantly, it has become clear that many others employ similar techniques to me to mange their mental well-being. We are clearly a self aware and quite considered and thoughtful group and it has been really helpful and interesting to read others’ contributions.


Entirely related to this thread, I’ve had a tough few weeks.

This lead to a combination of old and new bad habits happened and I found myself on a wine auction site. A combination of spending money on wine and winning. Crack to my unwell brain. Given some of the things for sale, this has gone a lot better than it could have! I’m not the proud owner of any cases of first growths or mature Burgundy.

I do have what is potentially a 1962 Gaja Barbarasco, but given the lack of providence is equally likely to be brown flavoured mud water. Thankfully the price did reflect that. Once I’m in a healthier place I’ll let people know. I’ve blocked said site now and will be generally off line more than usual for a while.


Very sorry to hear of your recent travails @strawpig. I’m sure that the whole community would wish you the best ‘recovery’ and hope you can get into a better place for your mental health soon.

Potentially many of us can relate to @strawpig’s habits - perhaps it’s when the buying gets out of control or becomes addictive that we need to recognise it as a problem? It definitely sounds like a dangerous combination of gambling (on the bid being accepted) with the reinforcing behaviour of actually ‘winning’ something more often than not. The fact that you don’t seem to be addicted to drinking the winnings is a positive!


Thank you. The fact that there is a community (and that it is capable of having a thread like this) helps a lot. I wanted to give a present rather than past tense account to let people know that if anyone else is struggling right not, it’s not just them.

The fact that I’ve actually noticed what’s going on and put a few things in place to stop the behaviours is a good start. I’m taking a few days off work to just relax as well, which should help.


Obviously the main current upshot is a ban on all wine buying activities so no TWS Furmint or anything from the Rhone Walkaround for me. Stupid brain weasels stopping me allowing myself to buy wine!


You obviously know what’s healthy for you so it’s commendable you’re taking this approach.

If you’re at the Monday Rhone walk-around, let me know and we can taste a few bottles that neither of us are going to buy :slight_smile: (I’m on a financially-based restriction on purchasing for that tasting, given I’ve placed 4 wine orders and an EP offer less than 2 months into the year).


Let Tyson Fury :boxing_glove: be an inspiration to us all.


Perish the thought???


I’m a weightlifter rather than a boxer, but sure!