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Alsace and Italy releases


@Inbar I quite agree with all of your sentiments - in short, so much wine, only so much money and space!
TWS buyers and the Stevenage team are doing an exemplary job in being able to offer the membership such delicious, good value wines on a regular basis. I wish I could afford to be more indulgent, but you are quite right in the addictive nature of the process; FOMO also applies!

I find the virtual wine purchase - ie fill the basket thoughtfully, then walk away and mull it over for a few days or a week. Sometimes, I buy, because it’s still a great deal, other times I can resist and cancel. Hey ho!


Let’s hold a (virtual) sweep on this. I reckon it will go OOS in about 2 and a half days. Any one else want to guess?


I’ve already pressed “order” :rofl::+1:


I think it may linger longer, 4 days from now.


I think they’ll go out of stock on Friday - the offers generally arrive by mail on Thursday or Friday so there could well be a surge of orders then…


I am guessing Friday as well lol


That’s three of us on Friday (me Friday a.m.)

Any more takers?


I’ve got a tasting with them in Verduno on Thursday, I’ll ask if they can send extra stock over.


I understand the goods in team at Stevenage have got a lot of pre-booked shipments at the moment. I’ll give you the address for the secondary warehouse in the Brighton area. who can definitely handle the stock…


Can definitely handle the stock - but can they definitely keep their hands off the stock?!.. :wink:


Are we talking about DHL again?


232 bottles of the pelaverga left.

I’m really not sure if it will sell that quickly. Outside of the community bubble, how many people talk so enthusiastically about Pelaverga?


You mean there’s a real world, outside?!! :scream:


I think the Burlotto name is also an incentive…


I think the Langhe Riesling from Poderi Colla is also worthy of a mention… I have had it in a previous vintage (2014) and have fond memories of it being delicious.

Coincidentally they now list the Poderi Colla Barbaresco Roncaglie from 2015, a wine I got in EP 2013, so might be tempted to get a bottle.


…there are other bubbles…


Mmmm bubbles :smiley:


Yes, it’s a bit like the vinous equivalent of the Man in the High Castle. A strange parallel world where people don’t obsess over wine but just buy it and drink it, sometimes with little regard to the taste.

There are even people there who don’t like riesling!!


Now I’ve heard everything!
I definitely don’t want to live there! :open_mouth:


Thank goodness I left years ago - best decision I ever made.

Where were we again?