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Alsace and Italy releases


I’m still trying to understand the general lack of interest 99.9% of my friends have towards wine :wine_glass:… amazing really :thinking:.


Met up with some old school friends a couple of weeks ago, and one of them quite memorably said to me: “Oh, so you’re one of those wine people then. You lot are basically alcoholics like the rest of us - you just try to make a science out of it.”



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Maybe our projection is way out of line - 223 bottles left!


The offer did not come through in the post by the way… or my in-laws hid it :wink:


I got it today, along with Christmas offers, Alsace etc. I must say, this month’s marketing materials are really rather gorgeous and appealing. I’ve already got orders coming tomorrow and next week and I was sorely tempted to start putting another one together!


Got it today too, and agree with @Bargainbob that it looks stunning! Planning to get an order through by this weekend - not the last one before Xmas, I’m sure!


I also agree that is the strongest monthly line up in a while.


Nothing’s arrived by post for me yet … I’ll be waiting for the postie tomorrow morning then … or afternoon or evening … it all depends on how many pubs he’s passed on his rounds :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Offers arrived today and this thread has also tempted me to press the order button…too late the Burlotto and Schlumberger are in the bag.:+1::smiley:


… or indeed how many rounds he’s getting in! If all else fails you can always find them here!


Haha… thanks @Ewan, he has quite the reputation, especially around Christmas time :roll_eyes:


Perhaps you need to try and trade him up to drinking less but better quality? :smiley:


I think I would fail miserably :rofl:


Just had another look at the Alsace offer and have to say it is a cracking line up… the following two mixed cases are seriously tempting my resolve…

I think I will just contemplate, procrastinate and then not buy…


I’m a master at that sort of thing. I even contemplated writing the reference work on procrastination, but never did get around to it.


Further Alsace releases now live (Weinbach; archive and current stock; not cheap, but good value I expect). Quantities of some are miniscule…


and 4 more Zind Humbrecht in the Inbetweeners offer


I got the offer through the post and immediately put it out of sight. I cannot buy any more, I must not buy any more, I should not buy any more… where did I put it again?


Ahhh…The true wine enthusiasts mantra…