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Alsace and Italy releases


Tasted the Schlumberger at winery recently, did nothing for me either, though on that same trip I did taste the Albert Mann PN H bottling and that was good, sadly I didn’t buy any as it was not what I was looking for. both were the 2016 vintage.


2014 vintage Landelin


Fairly pricey, but would recommend this for an Alsace PN more towards the burgundy style.


How do you see this figure?


You keep adding more to your basket until it tells you you can’t. Then unless very rich you delete from said basket! :wink:


Ah! That makes sense. Thanks


Tried that trick last night with the Exhibition Gran Reserva Rioja. Allowed me to add 10 cases… Today I notice that wine has been restricted to six bottles per member…


That’s a little worrying; having done that check some days ago I was planning on getting some in a little while, there was, apparently, a lot left then. Hmm, maybe I’d better get an order in sooner rather than later!