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AMA/Ask Me Anything Guide - plus: who do you want to hear from?



Hiya @Taffy-on-Tour,

I’ve had a chat with our Merchandising team to get you some extra info about why we’re not always the cheapest.

The short answer is: that isn’t the primary aim of our pricing policy. Here’s an excerpt from our website about it:

Our pricing policy
While a Plc might use all manner of methods, such as discounting and advertising, to tempt its customers to buy more, we avoid such tactics. We aim for everyday low pricing and avoid the hype associated with a ‘hard sell’. From our analysis of members’ buying behaviour and analysis of prices across our key competitors, we know that members are very sensitive to prices and margins.

While we can’t always be cheapest (but very often are) we do always try to be in the lowest quarter of the market. But we can’t control what other retailers do - some might price a wine as a loss leader - we wouldn’t do that. On other occasions, a retailer might only have a small stock which they’ll price to clear. That’s just two examples of many!

That said, if we do spot any occasions where a retailer is selling a wine for a lower ‘everyday’ price i.e not an offer, we do like to hear about it and will make an effort to negotiate with our suppliers so we can be more competitively priced in future. I’ll let the guys know about this in case it fits into that category!

Hope this is a better explanation than my rushed Saturday response!

As for Marcel, @szaki1974 - he’s definitely top of our list of AMA candidates but we’ll need to check his availability… we’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:


When is the next AMA?


Good question! I’m just finalising details now - it’s a different format to usual… but I hope you’ll all like it! Should be at the end of this month. :smiley: Will confirm later today hopefully!


I’d like to hear from technical and operational staff. Karen, the head of IS would be an interesting one with all the plans for the new database and web systems she has. And people related to warehousing, ordering etc. Find out about the practicalities of running TWS, I’d be fascinated!