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Any port drinkers?



That’s correct, there wasn’t a general declaration but some houses have for certain Quintas, I think Niepoort declared and has mentioned that it might outlive some of the other great vintages.


Note - I am slightly biased towards Niepoort as I met Dirk in 2015 and love his philosophy, its a shame that his ports usually mature slightly differently to other houses meaning at certain side by side tastings his ports don’t always stand up to other at the same time as they are in a different phase of its development.

As 2015 was the first time I had visited the Douro it has a special place in my heart, really is quite an amazing place so I am going to look to get some Port from that year so I can remember my time there when I open a bottle in the future.


I saw these and was wondering if it is a just a novelty item or if they have a place on the table… is it just me or would it not result in the port hitting you harder?


A mate of mine has them and loves them. They do stand up to a taste test, besides which, you can never have too many specialty glasses IMHO :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a set of 4 of those which hang off the side of a decanter, not tried them yet though, might be a bit of an issue to clean if anything drys in the ‘straw’ part!


Port (& Madeira) supplies now stocked up for the holiday season.

Got a bottle of The Wise One Tawny & Henriques & Henriques 15yr old Bual to keep open and to hand over next week or 2.

Then for the festive meals and gatherings a choice of the Warre LBV 2000, Cockburn’s Quinta Dos Canais 2010, & the Cossart Gordon 2005 Bual.


Is anyone going to be vertical by the end of your festivities? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great fortified choices - if it all gets a little too much and you fancy lobbing any over the three garden fences between us, feel free …!


Tried this white port at The Sampler in Wimbledon today, was quite a revelation clearly port and wonderfully complex.


Laura if you want to drink port as an aperitif then do as the Portugese and try chilled white port. Not so dry as fino sherry but interesting and well worth a try. Our favourite, after an unscientific comparative tasting (ie we just just bought four different glasses selected at random) at the Institute of Port in Lisbon - having never tasted white port before - was Taylor’s Chip Dry. It is stocked by Waitrose.


I have converted my wife to white port - use it in the same way as gin, think we started with some basic white Port from Tesco but I did have some Dow’s fine white port when over in Bonfim - was a nice refreshing drink.

Only hope I don’t convert too many more people to white port else it might run out!


Hello all,

Some friends (and myself) are turning 30 this year, and I was thinking of getting some 30 year old tawny as a present for one in a few weeks (hopefully to be shared!), as 1988 seems to have been a poor year.

Does anyone have any experience of 30yo tawny, and would they recommend any they’ve had? And is there anywhere online better to buy than

http://www.vintagewineandport.co.uk/ ?

Thanks a lot for any light you can shed!


Taylor’s 40 yo tawny is sublime, I’d expect the 30 to be in the same vein.


The Taylor’s 20yo I had a few years ago was lovely so if we interpolate the 30yo should be magnificent!


The information here has been really helpful. Does anyone have pointers towards a sub £25 port. I am looking at the society 2008 crusted port https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pl=&pd=PN201&prl=STD

And the Dow’s 2002 crusted port

And the Warre’s Bottle Aged LBV 2000

Any pointers are much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:



No but I have drunk port as a half time reviver in a veterans hockey match.


I had the 2007 bottling of the exhibition crusted port last year and it was delicious, seemed great value. I’m fairly sure you can’t go wrong with any of the three you’ve linked to- perhaps you’d get some more complexity with the extra age of the Dow’s and Warre’s, but less of the juicy fruit of the exhibition crusted port?


Mmmm, Even with only two imbibers it surely can’t be possible to make a 70cl bottle last more than a week, if any should be left, into the large Kilner jar with choice dried fruits.
MrsO and myself get rid of about 4 bottles of LBV each December, and hardly any thereafter…:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

PS my annual MOT at the Health Centre is every April !!!


@Taffy-on-Tour thanks for the Mayson download tip :champagne::wine_glass:


I was worried that the Dow and Warre might be past prime after reading about how long crusted port can last. Thanks for your input. I am more confident about getting either the warre’s or dow’s.


I’ve had the Exhibition Crusted before (can’t recall if current or previous bottling) and would concur with the thoughts of @tfpywfpy

Have bought the Dow’s as part of a selection to take to a Christmas gathering of old university friends next weekend so will report back

Have the Warre’s in wine cabinet at home. Most recent review on CellarTracker from April this year states “still very youthful”, which I am taking some reassurance from.


Had the Warre early this year and concur with that assessment.