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Apostolos Thymiopoulos - producer focus


Rapsani is quite a lot warmer than Naoussa, also Naoussa is 100% Xinomavro and Rapsani uses Krassato and Stavroto in support. You could draw parallels with the difference between a Northern and Southern Rhone in style, in that Rapsani is broader and more generous.

Naoussa is probably my favourite Greek appellation and the Thymiopoulos wines are made in a relatively modern and accessible style, without losing typicity. Some more old fashioned Naoussa are pretty much tannic monsters (not that I mind this).

Really good wines and I think great value when compared to Burgundy or Barolo for example.


I’m quite interested in trying the single vineyard Rapsani…… Bit steep for January though :see_no_evil:


One’s just come off the roof so when I get a chance I’ll pop out and have a sniff for you :rofl:


OK, I’ll cancel the trip to the quarry…! :wink:


Took the plunge with a case of this:-

I am trying very hard to resist the rest… May have to divert more of my Rhône EP budget - which is shrinking by the week!


@Lincoln Yes, feeling exactly the same way! First it was the Oregon Pinot case and now this beauty. Too much lovely wine out there to ignore - the curse of instant access to a world of wine, thoughtfully delivered in front of our eyes and backed up by useful comment from a community of friends… Aaaarrggghhh! Sweet torture… “'Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall”


If it helps, I went for the mixed 6 case. I’ve had the Rapsani and young vines xinamavro before and loved both. Am looking forward to trying the others.

Will report back with what black slate smells like in due course. Hoping it’s different to blue slate aromas as I can’t stand them :rofl:


:joy: sorry everyone! Maybe “black slate” was a slightly niche tasting note!! I meant it has a little hint of mineral stone and a touch of when you lick pencil graphite… (this is clearly why I dropped out of college early… too much licking pencils and not enough writing with them!)
The main thing is the wines are wonderful. I’ll be buying a mixed case plus some of the Xinomavro Nature (which is also online but not in the FWL) because my better half particularly likes it! The Rapsani Single Vineyard is a really special wine. Apostolos is a genius and my prediction is these wines will soon be like gold dust.


That’s not helping my resolve… The single vineyard Rapsani is the biggest temptation… I’m not sure I will make it to Monday without buying a case…


I am the same, even if it has no description on the website… I can resist anything but temptation


I’ve taken the plunge, and put a case of the single vineyard Rapsani in the Reserves. Also stuck a bottle of the Nature onto the next order, and may well not manage to limit it to that. Cheers @Freddy , @martin_brown and anyone else responsible for this.

Nothing from Rhone 2017 now, honest…


Would have loved the mixed and a single vineyard Rapsini, but couldn’t make January stretch quite that far.
Have made up a home delivery (will have to have a new year sort-out and drink some from my Liebherr to make space) of 3 of both the Naoussa and Rapsini Single Vineyard wines. Hoping there’ll still be stock of the others come February, by which time I might have been left a surprise inheritance…


Here is the Thymiopoulos case for those won’t can’t decide which one to go with:

I can’t really stretch to the full on Rapsini but I have enjoyed the Xinomavrio wine:


I know this will seem a bit anal but the producers name is spelt differently. Same person or an Aldi product similar to a Tesco one !!!

Naoussa Single Vineyard Xinomavro, Thymiopolous 2017

Earth and Sky Naoussa, Thymiopoulos 2016


One for @martin_brown :wink::+1:


Good spot @japcraw, will sort tomorrow


On this occasion there will be no fine.


As well as the Thymiopoulos wines in the Fine Wine List, I also spotted his Xinomavro Nature in the Curiosity Shop offer. I don’t usually drink red wine, but I thought this was delicious! I definitely recommend trying it.


Just browsed through that offer, very interesting wines. Too bad I am not buying…


Only 40 cases, well 39 now left. Get it while you can :wink: