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April offers have landed



No, off to Boston area, which probably explains the slightly higher prices. A bottle of Hambleton is hopefully being loaded onto the plane as I type. Just enjoying a nice Mac Forbes Pinot before take-off :slight_smile:

Actually - it’s really nice!


Have a lovely time! :grinning::+1::wine_glass:


Couldn’t resist the Cali State Treasures case, so have just pulled the trigger for delivery later in the week!


In front of me: Glass of Morgon Les Charmes 2017. And it’s VERY good indeed. If you like your Beaujolais may I suggest this goes into your basket ? Many thanks to Mrtin_Brown for the heads up.


So pleased to hear and thanks for sharing - I had a glass last night and can only concur :relaxed:

Beaujolais Travels in Wine article including a visit to Mr Burgaud is hopefully going to be live next week.


Martin, really happy to see another fan of the Jean-Paul Bruin L’Ancien. It’s become a real easy drinking favourite in our house.

Had a trip to the Showroom last month and bagged a few bin-end bottles of the 2016. Well chuffed


That’s lovely to hear. It’s such a delicious wine every year, but I particularly loved the 2016 and the 2014 (both now absent from my own stash, sadly).

Our first visit of the trip was to his cellar - found him a very nice, engaging, modest guy and his 17 & 18 reds were all on great form. I’ll post when the write-up’s live on the site in case you fancied a read :+1:


Please do. Looking forward to reading about it :+1:


Have added the following for delivery in May.
Quite a few from the tempting April offer and a few from the wishlist.
Also trying to explore a bit of Gewurztraminer.
Plan to make space over the Easter period.