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Barolo vs Barbaresco - a Nebbiolo thread


Good news for Nebbiolo fans, these two are now at bin end prices (snapped up a bottle of each myself) I have had previous vintages of the Ghemme and enjoyed them, better than most cheaper Barolo/Barbaresco!


Had the same Ghemme midweek. I quite liked it, very chalky tannins but very fresh. Think I enjoyed it more than most Barolos I’ve had.


I was in my local Sainsburys earlier in the week and spotted that they have a few bottles of Serre Alte Riserva Barolo in. Most of them are 2011s, but there are one or two 2005 and 2008 towards the back of the shelf. They’re not expensive by Barolo standards, around the £20 mark I think, and they’re almost certainly pretty average examples but I am still tempted to give one a try. Does anyone have any experience with this wine, or have an insight on which vintage would be most likely to be good?


The '08 was the best vintage of that trio, the '05 the bottom of the pile, no experience with that Barolo but cheaper ones ‘tend’ to be just that, always a gamble !


I’m definitely going at it with my eyes open - it comes from Terre da Vino who make the Waitrose Barolo that you can sometimes pick up for £15. I’ve had a couple of bottles of that in the past. An acceptable drink, but you’re not exactly likely to write poetry about it. Still, if I get the '08 (thanks for the vintage tip, by the way) then it’s still a 10 year old Barolo at a pretty good price which should still have plenty of life lift. Worth a go!


Darn! I got one in the wine fridge - bought quite a while ago now (a 2013)… I guess no need to turn to Keats for inspiration…? :thinking:


It’s still an enjoyable glass of wine, but it’s definitely more Edward Lear than Keats :wink:


Ha ha…! :smiley:

There once was a glass of Barolo,
Not exactly a hard act to follow
The nose was OK
With some roses and bay
But the mid-palate was a bit hollow


And just like that, @inbar won the internet.


Do you think there’s a market for this sort of poetry…?! :face_with_monocle:


Ha ha @Inbar, great minds compose alike!

I hadn’t seen your reply, only @Bargainbob’s post, and thought of this…!

Bob needed posh wine to swallow
Something that didn’t taste hollow
For just £20
He’d gone and he’d found
A tasty old bargain Barolo!


Excellent! :+1::grinning:
In both cases, not exactly An Ode to Nebbiolo…


On a more serious note, though, it got me thinking as to whether there is such a thing as ‘bargain Barolo’ (and your little limerick was clearly kinder than mine on this issue…!) :thinking:


I’ll tell you after I’ve tried the Serre Alte :wink:

In all honesty, probably not. The Waitrose one is the least expensive I’ve come across, and it really is absolutely fine. Unmistakeably Barolo. It’s just not quite as powerful, perfumed or beguiling as something you’d get for even £10 more. But putting it next to the Wassmer Spatburgunder, Exhibition Crozes etc in a similar price range, the Barolo wouldn’t shine.


violets? … …


Had my last bottle of the 2010 Fara this evening. One of the little DOCs of Piedmonte. Gorgeous. I must admit that I’ve had a few Barolos that have let me down. It’s a bit like Burgundy, usually a disappointment but when you catch a certain bottle just right, it’s the best wine in the world.

This wine last year we caught just right and it was outstanding. Probably one of the top 3 best bottles of wine I have ever drunk:


Well… my assumption was that the shorthand for Barolo was 'tar and roses ', but violets are probably more accurate!


The 2011 is in the bin end section if you’re interested


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Barolo costs more
Than those flowers do.


Already ordered my friend !