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Best music festival you've been to?


I never got into the festival thing, but was amazed by the Canaries Arts Festival which I went to in mid '90s as a performer. (In a visiting chorus).There was so much going on on the various islands, and the locals were brilliant hosts taking us…or directing us to the best local bars and restaurants. Whilst mostly about music and visual arts, it lasted fir 6 weeks in total, although our slot was only 10 days. No mud, good hotels, excellent food, good craic, sunny weather (in Jan). What more could one want.


I believe @Ewan’s son and his band FUR were playing in The Great Escape this year. I didn’t get a chance to see them, but a couple of my colleagues love their stuff :grinning:


Ah! Just saw Ewan’s reply!! :+1:


Glyndebourne! Not only for the fabulous, world class opera but also for sipping champagne and eating a scrumptious picnic in the gardens



A trip to this festival is now my annual treat, I first went in 2007 to hear David Daniels sing the title role in Handel’s Giulio Cesare in Egitto but he was ‘indisposed’ and his understudy was Tim Mead who was absolutely mind blowingly stupendous. (Turned out he was the brother of a pupil at the school at which I then taught! Small world) Also blown away by the soprano Danielle de Niese (now Mrs Christie, i.e. the wife of the Chairman of Glyndebourne) That performance was also memorable for a thunderstorm during the first act which caused a power cut when we were plunged into darkness for a short while… but the orchestra carried on playing as if nothing had happened!

The people I go with share the task of providing the various courses for the picnic dinner and of course the champagne and wine… I quickly learnt not to think of driving home afterwards! It is now a taxi back to a convenient hotel in Lewes for a restful night.

Am looking forward to this year’s trip in July to hear a staged version of Handel’s oratorio ‘Saul’


This sounds AMAZING @DavidTheChemist. I used to share a flat in Walthamstow with a Soprano. When her mates came round for dinner they would hover round the piano and sing beautifully. I would call my Dad who is a big opera fan and ask him to guess the act…! I must get him along to this sometime! He would love it :wink:


Glastonbury… Impossible to get tickets, crowded, too wet when it rains and too hot in the sunshine, takes half a day to change stages, tremendously hard work, and I get hugely jealous every time I watch it on TV. Ive been four times, the last one was 2013. Will be trying to get tickets for the next one after my prolonged absence. For me, it is all about the music. Find a band or two each day to anchor, then just see the other acts on the stage and discover what they’re about. Used to go in a big group with friends of friends of friends. I was famous for wandering off and spending hours on my own (as well as being unable to help set up a tent). Nothing else quite compares.

Been to Reading a couple days, staying with friends in town and not camping. Good bands but don’t think I’d enjoying staying the night with all the kids.

Couple years ago I went to Wilderness which I absolutely loved. Music, food, mindfullness, spa and atmosphere. Very different to Glastonbury and will be going there in the likely event I’m unable to get tickets for the big one. I’ll do better booking this this time, and just accept that it will be HIDEOUSLY expensive.


My partner and I go to Glyndebourne every year as well, love it. This year we’re going to Pelléas et Mélisande, can’t wait.

Pop-wise loved Glastonbury for the whole experience, but my favourites in recent years were Primavera Sound in Porto, and Primavera proper in Barcelona, in I think 2012 and 2013 respectively. At the time a lot cheaper than uk festivals, for my musical tastes wall to wall banging lineups - mix of nostalgic headliners (Blur, Suede), electronic music, shoegazy rock, noisier stuff (eg Shellac, who were immense, my bloody valentine, etc), and music from less mainstream countries. And excellent weather. Highly recommended!


How have I not heard of this festival !! Sounds right up my street …(searches google …:wink:)!


Only ever been to Latitude and on a day ticket, I Do not do camping.
I’ve really enjoyed it, not all because of the music there’s so much else and it is laid back. Sent a lot of time in the comedy tent, most of the big TV acts. Even did a book reading with Malcolm Gluck including a little wine tasting.


Been to Womad, but when it went over to Charlton Park, the first year there we were up to our necks in clarts. Since then it’s been 11 years at Latitude in dry east coast Suffolk. We always go en masses with friends, camp together, take the Bialetti for the first coffee of the day and then graze our way through the street foods. The variety is fab from opera and ballet, neuroscience and poetry to the disco shed, burlesque and the Keith Allen band. We have seen Mumford and Sons and First Aid Kit work their ways through to big name status as well as seeing local bands with kids and colleagues friends in too. It’s always the first date in the holiday diary.


Great Western Festival, Lincoln, 1972. I was 15, and told my parents I was going away with the Scouts!
Hitchhiked to the festival and had an incredible 4 days. Some brilliant music including Humble Pie (the late, great Steve Marriot), Rory Gallagher, Joe Cocker, The Faces, Roxy Music, Spencer Davis, Slade, Lindisfarne…


Just wondering who managed to get to what festival this summer?? I’m aware some are still to go ahead but interested to hear what was good and worth looking at again for next year?


I can reveal I’ve never been to a musical festival in my life. Too much noise, too many people - bah humbug.


Aaah but you haven’t lived until you have 4 days of unwashed hair and your ears are ringing :joy::joy:


Same here!
Bar one festival in Eilat when I was 16 - I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less. I got no stamina - and crowds really put me off. I can’t tell you the number of parties I fell asleep in!! :grimacing:
Still, managed to inflict tinnitus upon myself in the confines of my own room…


Having said that, there used to be a club over a furniture shop in Erdington, Birmingham. I paid 10s 6d to see (on separate occasions) Pink Floyd, The Nice, Jethro Tull, The Incredible String Band and a few more I’ve forgotten. This was in the mid-1960s. (I wear hearing aids now. :slight_smile:)


Bath Festival 1970, slept through a number of bands I later wished I had seen. Lived on strawberry yoghurts and apples for four days. One sleeping bag, no tent. Decided to leave school while sitting in the middle of that field.


Back in my hippy days in the seventies I used to go to a lot of the free festivals and went to Stonehenge regularly until it started getting too militant for my tastes (even back then).

My most recent music festival has been the Magnus Festival in the Orkneys which is more classical and folk than pop and isn’t tent based (far more suited to my now slightly more advanced years) I didn’t get there this year but previous visits have been brilliant with the added bonus of spending the days looking around Orkney’s incredible archaeological heritage.


I’ve been to Orkney a number of times and as the work day was much “slower” up there, managed to get around to ALL the sites… including Highland park :wink:


But not Scapa? Not as nice as Highland Park though…

It is quite a place isn’t it?