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Best music festival you've been to?


Anyone manage to get a Glastonbury ticket?
Rural internet speeds struck us badly again… Hey Ho… Latte-tude again it is :grinning:


Luckily for us, yes.

Strangely, my daughter who is in Greece got through straight away and secured ours.

Our friends, whose daughter was in Portugal got through for theirs.

Just as well because we were not getting a sniff on our hopeless internet connection!

Don’t give up on the re-sale. We’ve had luck in the past.


We got straight through. Yay! :grinning:

Commiserations to those not so lucky :disappointed_relieved:


Time for the Society to release a “Festival Range” in plastic bottles. :wink:


I may be labelled as a Philistine, but having camped at Keswick during an incredibly indifferent Summer whilst looking for mineral specimens, at St Brelades Bay, Jersey on a boy’s week when I was near to “deaths door :open_mouth: lol!!” due to seasickness or camping on a cliff adjacent to Fishguard where sea fishing, astronomy and the consumption of untenable volumes of Vodka were our primary pursuits, might I pass!
I have seen plenty of great bands and the ONLY way that I might be persuaded to search for my wellies is when a reservation to a minimum 4* hotel was included. You can keep your Mongolian Tents and giant American Motorhomes; a well made bed, 300 thread count sheets LOL! and a decent restaurant are my minimum requirements.
On weekends in my youth I have slept uncovered in the centre of a rugby field, in a bus shelter, a telephone box, my broken-down car or cwtched up in the back of a Chinook helicopter for 5 hours sat next to a giant of a Scotsman.
Memories are made of the deprivations that we go through to get there, and if the band(s) that you adore come with that price, then it’s worth going through.
Me, I’ll see it on TV or get the DVD!!


Agreed. We have however started stocking some good bag in box wines which are useful when under the stars:

I’ve never tried it but have it on good authority that once finished one can pump up the bag and use it as a pillow!