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Best music festival you've been to?


I’m with Inbar, haha! I would LOOOOVE to meet up with you all for a summer party - just might skip the camping part. :smile: But that’s not to say the rest of you can’t bring your tents - I could just pop along for the day! :smiley:


@Bargainbob, sounds like that tent has seen better days. We have an inflatable one, goes up super super quick, plug in the pump to your car lighter and boom tents up in minutes! This one is a smaller version of ours and bedrooms are pods which zip in.
So, has anyone go any suggestions of where? Nice views as @Inbar says and good weather :blush:.


Whilst I do camp, these days I tend to favour the comfort of my mobile home. Only problem for this summer is you might catch me between vans. I’m planning to sell this one and buy a new one (new secondhand that is) over the summer.

Not too far south for me. I have to drive from Inverness remember!


Perhaps, to make it as doable as possible, it should be somewhere in the middle of this Sceptred Isle?.. I’m imagining hordes moving centrally from every corner.


That’s your accommodation sorted @Inbar and @laura:rofl:


For a moderate fee, or nice glass of wine, I’m sure something could be arranged…


What a great idea. I’m in! I’m at Glasto and Green Man this summer for sure and up for anything else. I just need a good hat…


We could have a camp-out in Inbar’s back garden!


this might help…or cause arguments !


It might get a little crowded, but there are fields at the back we can always spill over…! :smiley: :+1:


Ha… This could get REALLY complicated, any suggestions for sites centrally??


on the plus-side for Clitheroe…it has a fantastic wine merchant in Byrne’s


aka Special K?


Bit far for me… but has anyone done this one??


“Buy tickets for … 3 days of free family fun!”

Finding this somewhat oxymoronically challenging!


On reflection I’m wondering if I would enjoy my wine (even) more if I put more effort into thinking it was “free at the point of consumption”?


It’s just a typo - if you go on your own or with mates, then it should read “3 days of family-free fun!”

You’re describing en primeur - by the time you get round to drinking it, you’ve forgotten the pain of the transaction … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For the past 7 years we’ve travelled to San Sebastian for " Jazzaldia " . This year Joan Baez and Jamie Culum are playing the beach stage ( all free ) , Joe Jackson is playing in the Kursal Centre. A host of great Jazz musicians are playing too. One of the best wine cellars in the world at Rekondo , not to mention the amazing food scene.