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Best value Wine Society wine?


I would suggest any one of the von Kesselstatt Rieslings. I’ve never had a dud and the current offerings are as great as ever.

Although not currently in stock, the Paul Cluver pinot noirs, from South Africa are some of the best value reds around, imho.


I don’t think anyone else has mentioned it yet, but in terms of sheer VFM, this one must be hard to beat -

It just goes on developing (and getting better IMHO) for years and years, whilst being delicious from the start.


This thread is turning into a round up of my past and recent buying history! Got a couple of bottles of the Maby Lirac Blanc in the fridge having loved the previous vintage, and had a bottle of the Koyle Pinot last week. I may buy more but it’s powerful stuff and won’t be for everyone. Weinert was mentioned previously and I’ve been a consistent buyer of their wines for years. Shame the Cavas de Weinert has doubled in price over recent years, but then again it was probably the single best vfm wine ever back in 2010 when my account says I paid £8.95 a bottle for the 2003!


Agreed, powerful stuff, which is why I liked it. The more usual standard pinot noirs are too bland for my taste, which is why the one from Koyle was a revelation for me.


Agree on the Thymiopoulos JV.

Personally I’d mention two of my long-term faves, Allegrini’s joy-in-a-bottle Valpol and neighbour I Frati’s Lugana.


Another vote for the Lugana!