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Bin #001 Bobal 2017



Only 12 bottles left as best I can tell.


It is restricted to 12 per member.


would this be a problem if it were ?


discussed already here…

back to Bobal


Altolandón is a good producer. Excellent VFM. And yes, they did make the Mil Historias from a few months ago.


Is it the same wine though, just the next vintage?

It was a fantastic wine that i really enjoyed but as you say it was available a few months ago, so if it is then it makes the marketing around it a bit questionable…


Do you have the link to that wine? Just curious…


The 4 months French oak ageing and vineyard altitude 1,100 metres suggest they are the same wine.



Even the ‘bowled over’ remark appears in regard to both wines.


So, who else has tried this? I am really excited about the Bin series as they are one off limited edition bottlings for The Wine Society and picked by our buyers that are ‘on the ground’ scouting out that special parcel.

Having tried this wine I would say that its akin to a southern Rhone red, its easy drinking but does also have a slightly spicy note to it - much like a Grenache/Syrah blend where the Grenache gives the fruit with the Syrah giving a slightly spicy edge to it with a bit of added body.

Well worth it at less than £9 for something a bit different, there will be other Bin series wines in the future if and when the buyers find something special for members.

The below page will be updated with all of the wines and the stories behind them.


Opened a bottle of this last night and I have to say I’m really impressed. The wine has a great structure, far beyond its £9 price tag. Plenty of dark fruits in there, lovely tannins, a slight chocolate flavour and as Mitch notes, a little bit of spice. Paired up beautifully with a piece of bavette from the BBQ. Going back for some more if there is any left, highly advise everyone grabs some of this.


Are they though? Or is it just the next vintage of the Mil Historias the society had earlier in the year as discussed above?


I spoke to Pierre about this yesterday - we did buy a small amount of the previous vintage as a sort of test-run (it was originally just for Wine Without Fuss but we had a small amount left over which we sold), but we were so amazed by it (and the next vintage when we tried it!) that we knew it would be perfect for the Bin Series.

It is a one-off bottling under this label, and chosen to shine a much-deserved light on an under-appreciated and lesser-known grape variety, to help it reach a whole new audience of wine lovers who would probably not have tried it otherwise. Which is exactly the job of the Bin Series - unearthing unknown wines with a story to tell and putting them centre-stage so everyone can discover them! :smiley:


Thanks for clarifying.


‘It is a one-off bottling under this label’: what on earth is the point of that? It makes it harder even for the detectives in this Community to identify if they have tried it before; it makes it difficult to compare to non-Wine Society offerings, and ‘bin’ is not a very useful description.

It is bad enough that the Society already does 2 own-labels. Is this the path down which it plans to go?


About 10 years ago, a guy I knew called Zev Robinson made a very well-received documentary about Bobal, with screenings in Spain, New York and London, and then he made one called La Bobal Revisited about five years later. You can see the trailer here:

It gives a flavour of the region, the history, the culture, the growers, their struggles and passions, and the wines they make. It used to be huge in this region of Spain, but now it’s an almost forgotten variety. Great that the Society has recognised its beauty, quality and potential with this release!


Thanks for the clarity Laura, can wait for the delivery today, opening a bottle tonight.


I think I sort of explained why it’s a one-off above - it’s about shining a spotlight on a lesser-known wine style/grape/region/producer etc, giving it a platform to be discovered by many more people than it otherwise would have been, to help raise the profile of wines which until now have been going under the radar.

But if that’s not what you were asking just let me know if I can clarify anything else? :slight_smile:


I’m puzzled as well. It’s a good wine (so the reviews say), it sells out, as seems likely - but you won’t stock it again. Why not?