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Bin #001 Bobal 2017



Malvasia di Bosa, if any still exists, like the one featured on Mondovino (Columbu).



You and @Cormski will be among the very first to taste it on Monday …


I’m guessing something Chilean from either Koyle or De Martino.


Well if I wasn’t excited enough already…

I wonder how many points I’ll get.


Intrigued, and can’t wait to find out more!


I don;t think Bobal is quite “almost forgotten” - it’s one of the most common grapes in the eastern part of La Mancha (provinces of Albacete and Cuenca, and a bit in inland Valencia). Just never much known outside its local region, more like it!


You brought back some pleasant memories of getting mildly hammered sampling malvasia di Bosa in the back streets of Bosa some years ago. I’d bet on it NOT being Bin 002 (or indeed any other!)


Now that was (and presumably still is!) a lovely wine!


[heartbeat sound effect to build the suspense] …



[repeat heartbeat sound effect to build the suspense] …



My money’s on Cambodian grechetto.


I think something from Argentina, maybe Torrontes, or some unusual red blend.


You have no idea how close you are …

… okay, so you DO know how close you are …


You haven’t been paying attention, Lapin :grinning: - TWS themselves have sold a few, for some years (the most notable being Ponce’s aforementioned Clos Lojen).


Patagonian Pinot Noir?? :thinking:


Indeed. And there are varieties that are even well-known outside their local regions, yet still regarded as obscure over here.

For example, Rkatsiteli - in 1990 it was estimated to be the world’s third most planted white variety. It is productive, and of decent quality. Comes from Georgia, but was widely planted in the USSR.


I had a bottle of Brazilian P.N. last year - was excellent.


Mexican Nebbiolo can be fun! (Honest!)


As can Mexican Syrah ! Yum :yum:


Presume you’re referring to L A Cetto for the Mexicans? These used to be quite widely available in the UK and were great value and fun to throw into blind tastings - sadly they seem to have fallen vicitim to the increasing standardisation of the UK market.