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Bin #001 Bobal 2017



Didn’t get a LA Cetto Syrah by tried the Cab sav , found it to be an average everyday drinking kinda wine with no discerning qualities . The Santo Thomas Syrah however was much better :wink:.


I enjoyed the LA Cetto Petite Syrah and Nebbiolo in the past. Never had the Syrah i dont think, and i never saw any other Mexican wines, either here or on three trios to Southern Mexico (all boring chileans and argentinians, like most of latin america).


Having read all the comments on this thread it appears that the first effort for the new Bin series has generally gone down well. Personally I am always very wary of things like ‘Bin’ or Majestic’s ‘Definition’ etc and have never really found them tremendous value, albeit others have.
What I do like to see are WS and WSE wines that refer back to a particular grower or chateau, some of which I have often visited.
I would love to see a WS Pecharmant or Cotes de Castillon that is less expensive than other similarly listed wines. Why is there no WS Duras. I have recently returned from that region and have been drinking wonderful wines for less than a fiver. Add duty ( the VAT and TVA cancel each other out-ish) and the opportunity is there for a reasonably priced wine.


Have you tried Definition Rioja? It’s made by La Rioja Alta and is absolutely superb in my humble opinion.


Only a guess, but I would expect it to be not dissimilar to the TWS Exhibition Rioja which is also made by La Rioja Alta.


I have tried this now. And by tried, I mean I drank a bottle of it last Sunday with my wife and another couple. Everyone seemed to like it, but it was no ‘stop the traffic’ moment. It’s a decent red, very well made, nice colour, full of fruit and straightfoward. There’s really no mystery to this wine. It’s a good red from Spain, without a ton of oak, for those who don’t enjoy a ton of oak.


That being said, I reserve the right to completely change my mind after consuming the 2nd bottle!


To be fair, how many bottles at this price stop the traffic?

This used to suffice for general enjoyment :grinning:


*‘… and this amount of hype’


To be fair an awful lot of the hype was self generated by this community as opposed to by TWS themselves.


Indeed, which is why I decided to write such plain-english, amateurish ‘review’.