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Bin #002 ( Yes discourse, this is a real topic 🤣)


With 4g/l residual sugar this wine is the the higher end of dry (obviously relative and subjective… the Bobal was 2.3 g/l apparently)… will be interesting to see the tasting notes here. Too bad RS levels are not shown for other wines (I know it has been raised before)…


I don’t want to fan flames/hype etc, but if there’s that many left then I really wouldn’t be sure about it sticking around to the end of the month… I could be wrong obviously and don’t have all the data to hand (am on hols up in the Tirol) but if that stock info is correct, then it must be selling pretty quickly.

Vielen danke!


1141 6-packs available right now


Oh right, that’s twice the amount quoted above. Hmm… I think ignore my earlier comment as I don’t have the info in front of me. Sorry all


I’ve a question about these Bin series. They are presented as a limited edition which is fine but what if I buy it and absolutely love it? Have I just been teased? Is it likely that TWS will start getting in more, in this case, Familie Mantler in the future if there’s sufficient interest. Or will whatever I buy now be all I’m ever likely to get from this particular producer? I’m not seeing anything offered from this producer anywhere else in the UK.


Aaaaand sold out.

I passed, but the consolation prize is 6 of the #001 arriving on Thursday :slight_smile:


The idea of a ‘sold out’ Zweigelt just warms my heart! :grinning:


Speaking of Zweigelt, I have just read, in the fab wine book I’m currently enjoying (which I posted about on another thread), that the Austrian wine consortium was considering changing the name of the grape back to its original ‘Rotburger’. This is due to Dr Zweigelt’s very well-documented Nazi connections, apparently!

They are really unsure as to whether this will be a good move, though, as firstly, the name is now recognised, and secondly, they fear that an English speaking wine buyer would hesitate to order a ‘rot-burger’… :grimacing:
Keep it, I say - the past can’t be changed, and if it makes people think of just how complex and inconsistent human beings can be- all the better.


I missed out on the #001 as I couldn’t afford another order so soon after the previous one and then it was looking the same for this one. But I did a sneaky to lock it in (as mentioned in another thread) by specifying the latest delivery date I could and specifying my business address down in Redhill as I can’t specify a delivery date for deliveries up here. then a few days before that delivery I’ll contact customer services and change the delivery address. Essentially that allowed me to lock it in but delay paying for a month.

Naughty maybe but full transparency and all that, and TWS won’t loose out as there is no delivery charge no matter which address I use.


Where does it end though @MikeFranklin? Today it might be a delivery date change, but tomorrow it’s balaclavas and guns raiding the Stevenage warehouse…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Count me in! I’ll be parked up somewhere very near by on the 17th October, and there’s an awful lot of space in my 7m motorhome! Just sayin’…


Oh, I see, like that is it! Keeping my eyes on you guys… :female_detective:


There are a small number of bottles left in the showroom this morning, some in the Bin End with marked labels. Had to be reminded that I had enough at home! I think my wife and I have different definitions of ‘enough’


Mine have arrived.


By sheer coincidence mine also arrived this morning, though 3 bottles as opposed to 6 (alongside a couple of bottles of the 2006 Pierre Paillard Bouzy Grand Cru Le Grande Recolte which was on special a couple of weeks ago :wink:.
Has anyone tried this Zweigelt yet? Its a grape I’ve never (knowingly) had so have no experience of it whatsoever.


Mine will be arriving next week!