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Bin #003 is here!


Sorry Leah, I haven’t tried any of them, it is the selection that doesn’t entice me to part with my money. TWS has some great offers but I’m afraid #123 doesn’t light my candle. I just don’t get the faux-exclusivity thing.


Sorry to hear you feel that way - but surely you’ve got to taste it before making up your mind? And to my mind anyone who has missed out on tasting Bin #003 has really missed out. I have tried it out on some folk who simply ‘like wine’ and it stopped them in their tracks.


On the other hand it’s impossible, or at least very difficult to taste it if it’s already sold out. I don’t know how many bottles were produced but I think far from enough even for a majority of members to get one.
That’s what I find a bit strange about the whole thing. The series is being produced in very limited quantities so most members won’t get to try them. Bin #003 was available for more or less a month. If not buying wine that month you can just forget it. It is odd!


Bin 3 was around a little longer than 1 or 2 it seems (perhaps because I got to try a bottle and very nice it was too!) As long as the wines are of the same quality level, it seems like a great way for people to try something new. I guess a lot of us, myself included can’t place orders when wines turn up all the time as we are on a limited budget.

Nothing will suit everyone. I’m looking forward to number 4.


Me too, and I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if we see a 6 bottle case released with bin numbers 1-6 upon eventual realise of the first 6 :wink::+1:.


Managed to sneak an extra order in so have a bottle arriving tomorrow, looking forward to trying. Any food suggestions from those who’ve had it?


I think it’s extremely versatile but has that slight oily ness you can get with PG, it’s full of stone fruits but also with good acidity so really anything that goes with that… something Thai or even Persian would work well :+1:.


I just don’t buy the ‘thinking’ behind these brief releases, unless you are trying to create a rush to bag a small release of what sound like ordinary wines. The exhibition range is where your own-label endeavours should be concentrated in my view, they are excellent. To me it sounds like a marketing man’s idea just little create short pockets of brief interest! Sorry.


Don’t agree at all. I’d much rather try zweigelt and ribolla/rebula (though I know this excellent grape fairly well anyway). The Exhibition range is pretty conservative and as such not of much interest to me - I don’t think anything gets added to it until it’s reached a certain critical sales mass.


So maybe the way to look at it is that the Exhibition range appeals to the ‘conservative’ side of us (whatever that means) and the Bin range is aimed at the slightly less familiar, and may appeal to the more ‘daring’ side of us (ditto). Most of us experience both elements in our wine appreciation, so it seems a win-win situation to me.


I don’t like categorising tastes. I have lots of different wines in my cellar. I just think that if the same energy was put into making both ‘The Society’s’ and the ‘Exhibition’ ranges stronger and more widely appealing, you wouldn’t need these gimmicky #003 type releases.


I guess we can agree to disagree.


I also have not tried any of the Bin series wines… rather than a specific dislike of the idea of the Bin series, more out of a general (potentially irrational) reluctance to buy non producer labelled wines (including the Society’s and Exhibition ranges). To be honest the ones I tried have so far been satisfying (the few I remember trying).


I like it when (not always) the producer is mentioned as the source of the WS own-label wines.


I have the same irrational preference for producer-labelled wines and agree with @AnaGramWords - it’s nice to see when the producer is highlighted.

Having said that, the Society’s & Exhibition wines that I have tried have been good or better (Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay anyone?) examples of a general type.

I see the Bin Series as something totally different. They are not examples of a typical style / region. They are lesser-known grapes, made to a good standard and attractive to people who want to try something different - not a ‘general type’.

I don’t know when they were commissioned, but doing something like this represents a certain risk so production numbers were always going to be lower than a regular Exhibition bottling. It’s nice when something is highly successful and sells out within weeks, but if TWS had known how successful, I think they’d have made a few more cases and the Bin Series wines so far would not have been such brief releases.


Oh, and bring on 007!


I remember the back label of the Bin 3 being uber informative and detailed. I do love the badly translated poetic nonsense you sometimes get on back labels though!


I’m not sure about the possibility of making a few more cases. Surely they’re by their very nature limited editions. The art is selecting interesting and slightly off the beaten track wines with sufficient scale to make it possible for a reasonably sizeable number to buy a bottle or two. The exhibition wines are surely something different, larger production volumes and more continuity.


Sorry but this WIGIG mentality is more Oddbins than TWS and look what happened to them.


Think Oddbins in all its various incarnations had bigger problems than WIGIG.