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Books NON wine related


@Leah thanks for that


You forgot to mention Crais’ Pike - much harder than Reacher!


Thanks for the recs @colinsmithathome.

I have come across the first two and definitely have designs on Stockwin. I’ve not moved onto land based action from those times as yet but it’s a possibility for the future.

However, as my current wish list (never mind my actual to read pile itself) runs to over 200 books I do have to ration myself. So I’m only ‘allowed’ one Napoleonic series on the go at any one time. Also only one Medieval and one Saxon and one Egyptian and one Roman and…… Aaaaargh! And then bear in mind that I read more science fiction than historic… aaaargh again!


He is indeed. I’ve read most of the Pikes :slight_smile:

Only 200? :smiley:
Thank goodness for the library.
And the low price of 2nd hand books!


It sounds like we have VERY similar book tastes - two of my holiday reads from the other week were This Is Going To Hurt and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and they blew me away!

So I’ll add another recommendation here which you (and hopefully others!) might enjoy:

Three Things about Elsie - Joanna Cannon

This is only her second novel, I think - the first was the marvellous The Trouble with Goats and Sheep which did pretty well, and I was completely unprepared for how much Three Things moved me. It’s so beautifully written and just a lovely story.

I think We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is going to have to be my next read. Is the Joe Lycett book as funny as I’m expecting it to be? I love him!


Such an awesome book. Though I needed to go to the heart doctor after reading it, my heart was so broken. Great stuff!


Ooh, I am duly prepared. As long as it doesn’t destroy me as much as The Book Thief did (the first book to make me properly bawl my eyes out whilst reading it) I’ll be fine!


Ah, yes! I can well imagine.

This one works in subtle ways, and creeps into your heart almost without you noticing. Having said that, I am a terrible bawler from books. And films. I have to veto so many of both because I have a delicate constitution. How I ended up a counsellor is anyone’s guess! :thinking:


Loads of empathy will make you both a great counsellor and a complete emotional wreck around such stories.


I strongly recommend that you go nowhere near The Time Traveler’s Wife, in any format. Loved that book, but it’s so gut-wrenching that I’m a bit dehydrated by the time I get to the end :sob:


Yeah that one was a bit emotional. Funny old marmite one as well; people seem to love or hate it.


Alas, it’s too late! I read it about 10 years ago, but couldn’t finish it for the reasons you mention!!! :sob:


One thing I’ve learnt is to take breaks from counselling work in order to maintain sanity. I’m on my second break at the moment… Very cleansing! :+1:


I LOVED this book and sought out the movie when it was made… as always though I think the books are far better.


Shut the front door, that is literally the book I’m currently reading!! :astonished:
And yes, Joe Lycett’s book made me physically laugh out loud consistently!


In which case, I highly recommend you don’t watch Rent if you haven’t already! Have yet to show the film version to a single person who hasn’t cried their eyes out (even my Dad!) :sob:

@catherine HA!

I am going to be watching your recommendations very closely! :smile: Let me know what you think about Three Things!


I really enjoyed the Lycett book, however I didn’t read it, I listened to the audio version (I do prefer that with comedy books) and can definitely reccommend ingesting it in that format if possible.


I’ve been looking for something funny to listen to (I normally listen to comedy podcasts etc while I cook of an evening) so this will be my next purchase! :smiley:

So, over the weekend (while I’m still sourcing We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves) I made the mistake of starting Room by Emma Donoghue. Weekend cancelled while I finished the book. It was utterly gripping, heartbreaking, darkly funny in places and just… haunting, really. Will stay with me a long time. Anyone else read it?!


It’s one of the ones I vetoed, so it’s a resounding ‘no’ from me :wink:


Yes I have read Room. Thoroughly enjoyed it (unlike We are Completely Beside Ourselves which I really didn’t enjoy at all - I know I’m in the minority). Just finished Swing Time by Zadie Smith which I enjoyed but not as much as White Teeth. Before that was 4,3,2,1 by Paul Auster which has a fascinating structure but is 'a little’ overlong at 800+ pages…

Currently thoroughly enjoying Factfulness by Hans Rosling which should be compulsory reading for anyone who wishes to understand what’s actually happening to the world.