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Box Sets freely available


@Leah and @Richard - thanks for this tip! I’d had this on my ‘maybe’ list for ages but I’ll try and start The Keepers this week.

If you’re into true crime documentaries not-for-the-faint-hearted I can also recommend Don’t F*ck with Cats and Evil Genius, both of which are on Netflix.


Have always wanted to get into Breaking Bad but never had the chance - I guess that time is now!

Also, if anyone hasn’t watched Peaky Blinders then I absolutely implore you to start - Cillian Murphy is my favourite actor/person and the whole series from the beginning is just brilliant! 4 series in, so lots to get stuck in to!


We started Breaking Bad a few weeks ago. Definitely worth while.


I found this box set. Seems a much better idea.


I found a “Box Set” on Sky, but may be available elsewhere on the Food Network tv channel
It is called “The Roux Legacy” and there are 4 x 30 minute programs.
It is also somewhat poignant, given that Michel Roux - one of the duo, sadly died around 2 weeks ago.
For many members who have pushed the boat out, for a special occasion; it is quite likely that your chosen top end restaurant has some association with these two ground breaking doyens of the British restaurant scene.
I can only recommend that you give this series a watch, If you love food then these guys were instrumental in raising the bar in the UK!?!


The Roux brothers are why I like food, and by extension wine. When I was younger I wanted to be a fine dining chef (unfortunately ill health while I was a teenager put pay to that dream). I was supposed to be celebrating my 40th Birthday at the Waterside Inn this weekend as well.

I’m not doing too well on these celebrity chefs, another (later) culinary hero of mine, Anthony Bourdain, passed away whilst I was in New York. Speaking of, I wonder if any off Kitchen Confidential/A Cooks Tour TV versions are available online anywhere.


I watched 3 episodes last night, Mr. Leah downloaded from somewhere… try Utorrent if all usual channels are exhausted .


Thanks! Will search once I am back from my Government Sanctioned Exercise Regime.