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Burlotto Barolo 2015 in halves - be quick or be late


I have come to the conclusion that certain wines on this site are unobtainable.


It’s still showing as in stock when I click the link…


Definitely out of stock for me


Yep, sadly I’d have to agree :disappointed_relieved:


Missed out also but I really should not be buying any more wine right now :wink:

Luckily I did get a case of 2013 halves a while back so I’m not too badly off, although they are very drinkable even at an early stage.


Just bought some of the L&S stock - can’t decide whether to open one (of six) soon or just put them all in storage.


If opening soon, I would recommend this year and to “pop and pour”, young Barolo can close down with air.

I tried the Monvigliero and the Acclivi 2015s earlier in the year, the Monvigliero was pretty open and aromatic wheras the Acclivi was more closed and brutish at this stage.


Thanks Oliver

You mention “this year” - does that mean you wouldn’t open one at all next year (and potentially for a period after that) or that the closing down should actually abate from next year?


Difficult to tell, but I suspect that if it closes it will be over the course of next year. They often have a period post bottling when they remain open before shutting down. The caveat is that I haven’t tried the normale yet in 2015. My guess is it will close down harder in bottle than half but I don’t really have a basis for that.

Warmer vintages (of which 2015 is one) have seemed to remain open in some cases, with more classic vintages closing down hard. For example, 2011s are universally quite open wheras 2010s almost universally very closed. A further complication is my experience with 2013 halves over the last two years - I have had 6 of which a couple were fully open, a couple quite open and a couple quite closed - although there was no pattern to be found!

If you fancy sharing the risk of opening a bottle and taking a look, I could bring along a Canubbi 2015 to see how that one is getting on.


So just high jacking your advice. I’m contemplating a Ciabot Berton 15 or 13 the first their 1961 and the later Roggeri.
Do you have any experience of the drinking windows?
I did taste these at the winery but didn’t take notes and now doubting they will be anything but too young.


Thanks for that. Sounds relatively similar to Burgundy (i.e. predictably hard to predict!). Will message re possible drink sometime!


For what it’s worth, I bought a couple of bottles of the 2010 Roggeri which appeared on the website briefly when I was making an order. I opened one and got pretty much nothing from it (not really even after a day in a decanter). If the 2013 is similar, it could well be shut down very hard.


I have 3 of these at home and am planning to pop one over the next 2-3 weeks to see how it is, will report back


Popped one tonight only a few days after delivery as i couldn’t hold off any longer! Excellent. I would definitely check in on one but I do enjoy trying wines like this in their youth. A haunting and piercing nose, extremely well balanced, ripe certainly and pretty powerful but well done in my view. I went back for the last few bottles I could find.

11/10/2019 - 92 Points
Savoury notes, sweet dark cherries, forest floor, licorice - open, punchy and appetising on the nose. With air the nose becomes more piercing and direct - lots of tar and licorice. Quite complex flavour profile for such a young wine - deep dark fruits with some spices and orange rind. Powerful, tannic on the palate but nicely balanced, very long lingering finish. A touch of alcoholic richness on the end but not intrusive or hot.